When our customers share their feedback - we listen and act!

When our customers share their feedback - we listen and act!

2021 has seen businesses scrambling to revolutionize customer experience, aiming to adapt to a post-pandemic world. But what happens when customers feel there’s a gap between their expectations and their experience?

Tzachi Ben-Sasson, Head of Global Voice of the Customer


30 Sep 2021

When our customers share their feedback - we listen and act!

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In today’s era of immediacy, customers are more demanding than ever.

Amdocs’ Voice-of-the-Customer (VoC) program offers a comprehensive response to this challenge. VoC brings the personal touch back to customer experience, and its not just us saying it – it was acknowledged as one of the best VoC programs out there!  

How it works

The first stage of our VoC process is making sure feedback is obtained from all stakeholders. That means not only the usual suspects like the CIO or vendor manager, but everyone in the organization whose work was impacted by our products and services. The next stage is about listening to what the customer has to say about each and every interaction, aiming to go beyond a “tick in the box”-type survey, and toward an open conversation.   

So what do we actually ask our customers?

  • Is the customer happy with us?
  • What is the value they get from us and what is missing?
  • Are we easy to do business with and why?
  • How does the customer experience our people, products, services and processes?
  • Are we strategically aligned with our customers?

These questions and others gives us an outside-in perspective into our strengthens and weaknesses, empowering our evaluation of what works, and what stands to be improved.

Reading how we make customers feel is priceless

In the past year, customers from a range of different positions organizations (IT, Business, Procurement, Network, Digital etc.), geographies and backgrounds gave us both quantitative and qualitative input about their overall experience. We obtained feedback from 1,669 respondents, including hundreds of CxOs of our strategic customers. This feedback resulted in over 60 account Improvement plans, shared with customers and monitored on a quarterly basis.

And don’t just take our word for it: earlier this year,  CustomerGauge’s annual State of B2B Account Experience Report acknowledged our Voice of the Customer program as one of the best!

Can customer experience be personal?

Here’s what our customers are saying:

For me the most important thing is that when the account management listens to a party like you - it changes their mindset. So VoC is valuable. We never take time in our D2D to talk about these things. We are too busy. I know they listen to the VoC feedback and hear a summarized view. So I know there is an improvement plan and lessons learned.


I was reluctant to do 1to1 interviews for VoC but when we speak, the interaction is good and I see that my feelings are expressed well and acted upon. It is better than sending us a form to fill in.

VP, India

We pride ourselves on initiating and cultivating business through strong, trustworthy relationships. With that in mind, the goal of the VoC program is to make customer experience personal, meaningful, quantitative, qualitative – and most important, actionable. Instead of sending out only web surveys, we supplement the feedback channel with one-on-one in-depth interviews conducted by an independent corporate VoC team, dedicated to creating actionable insights and collaborating with the customer, so that improvements are made in collaboration.

Here’s what our leaders are saying:

The Amdocs Voice of the Customer is very different from other surveys I have seen. It’s not about ‘what’s my score’. I see it as a valuable opportunity to get deep, rich and actionable customer feedback about every aspect of the relationship. More than that, it’s a vehicle to develop business and drive change. My team and I have been able to achieve many things using VoC.

Pablo Cella

Regional VP for COMCAST Group, Media and Mid-Tier Operators

Applying a smart VoC program means acting and responding to opinions, critiques, feelings and comments customers have expressed. Our relationships are built on a platform of trusth which makes it all about people. Amdocs believes that VoC is an essential part of the customer experience strategy, allowing us to identify and bridge gaps, and improve customer satisfaction.

Dror Kalush

President of Amdocs International

WIIFM (What’s in it for Me?)

”We are all customers, so we know that customer can often be resistant to surveys.” Says Tzachi Ben-Sasson, Head of Global Voice of the Customer at Amdocs, as explained on The Account Experience Podcast.

So what’s in it for our customers? We ensure that customer feedback is actioned. How? We put our money where our customers’ mouth is!

We Put our Money where Our Customers’ Mouth is

Customer feedback and key metrics are extremely important to Amdocs senior management and have a direct impact on executives' goal sheets. Results are presented back to customers in a timely manner to confirm priorities, respond to the feedback and complete the loop.


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