Winning the ‘chaos’ at home

An average US consumer holds about 22 connected devices. And it's not surprising since almost every consumer electronic device, even pet feeders, now comes with Wi-Fi capabilities and their own mobile app to manage them remotely.

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Jenny Plusnina, Business Strategy Manager


24 Jul 2023

Winning the ‘chaos’ at home

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Over the past few months, customers have been reaching out seeking our insight into the changes happening in the home experience.

As a business strategy team, we constantly look at various market strategies and recognize that, as markets reach maturity, service providers are actively exploring new avenues for generating additional revenue to remain competitive.

Here is what we discussed in our recent thought leadership session:

Living the digital lifestyle became the norm and despite its envisioned intuitive, real-time, on demand and everything at the palm of your hand experience, it has also brought about a new level of complexity to our lives.

As we don`t live in a vacuum, everything is happening simultaneously.

We find ourselves constantly connected to mobile, fixed and Wi-fi networks at the same time. We juggle between work meetings while children play online or catch up on school lessons, creating the overload to our networks.

Customers are looking to simplify and easily manage their complex and multi-tasking digital lifestyle

According to EY Global Decoding the Digital Home Study , when customers were asked how likely they would take a broadband bundle with additional services, on top of traditional services like mobile (52%) and entertainment (58%), up to one-third would be likely to add services such as smart home (33%), utility services (32%) and home-working capabilities (32%). In addition, privacy and security are also top concerns. Fifty one percent said they would like to have privacy and security features bundles with their home broadband, indicating a growing need for a safe and protected online experience.

So, what if we could have…

Network back-up services which will automatically reconnect us duringhome network outages, overload, or poor home network connectivity, ensuring uninterrupted online access even during crucial moments like important Teams calls.

Power back-up services for home Wi-Fi router, especially during hot summer days when utility companies struggle with increased summer demand. This type of service could keep us connected, ensuring that we are staying online even during power outages.

Furthermore, imagine harnessing the power of advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to unlock the true potential of our home network. By leveraging AI and ML, our network can learn our digital habits, gain insights into our network usage patterns, and understand the specific demands of various devices. With this knowledge, it can intelligently allocate bandwidth to prioritize essential tasks during peak hours, thereby optimizing the overall performance of our network. This intelligent network prioritization ensures that critical activities receive the necessary resources while maintaining efficiency and seamless connectivity for all our devices.

And what about all of the twenty plus connected devices? How can we avoid getting overwhelmed by the multitude of apps and settings?

What if we had a centralized hub where we could add all our connected devices, regardless of their manufacturers, ensuring seamless compatibility and cooperation among them. By having such a platform, we would have the power to set our own routines and commands for each device, tailoring them to specific room requirements or individual family members.

As we continue to embrace the benefits of the digital world, it's clear that there is a growing need for simplicity, convenience, and ease in managing our home experience. By embracing these innovative solutions and exploring new possibilities, we can create a harmonious and streamlined digital environment that enriches our lives.


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