The eSIM revolution is here – are you ready?

01 Jun 2019

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The 'embedded' (hence the 'e') SIM is set to be the key growth driver for IoT in a 5G world – powering the connections between billions of consumer and enterprise devices.

The opportunities are amazing for those who harness eSIM potential. But the challenges are also considerable. This eBook clearly sets out both and offers a solution.

The key to eSIM success is finding an enabler that can, among other things:

  • Integrate all device OEMs and service providers – eliminating the need to integrate with multiple players multiple times.
  • Deliver a unified experience in eSIM lifecycle management – for every device type, OEM, channel and location.
  • Effectively and seamlessly manage settlement among all ecosystem stakeholders.

That enabler is the eSIM Cloud. Read on to get the complete picture of what it could do for you.


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