The Model Citizen Verizon, featuring Tami Erwin

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Matt Roberts, Amdocs

S2 E10

27 Apr 2021


The Model Citizen Verizon, featuring Tami Erwin

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Nobody really cares how much you know, until they know how much you care. My job is to create the environment that allows my team to come to life.

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Tami Erwin

Verizon Business

Apr 27, 2021
The Model Citizen Verizon - featuring Tami Erwin

In the season finale of The Great Indoors, Matt is joined by Liliana Schwartz-Brunner, Amdocs Divisional President for North American Operators, and by the phenomenal Tami Erwin, CEO of Verizon Business. Verizon is one of the biggest telecommunications companies on the planet and are also notably one of the key leaders in the race to 5G.

Tami has been with Verizon for decades, holding roles such as CMO and Group President before advancing to become CEO of Verizon Business. She has played a crucial role in many of Verizon’s initiatives and today leads a team of nearly 30,000 employees spread over six countries around the world.

Tami is an advocate for equality, inclusion and accessibility and has dedicated her career to finding new ways technology can improve the ways we live, learn, work and play. On today’s episode, Matt, Liliana and Tami discuss Tami’s impressive career journey, what makes Verizon special; her advice for young women; the race to 5G; and the future of technology.

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