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New low/no-code experience platform empowers telco business users to design customer experience

Discover how to transform your omni-channel customer experience and customer journey management.

Rosalind Craven, Research Manager


24 Jun 2021

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In June 2021, Amdocs announced Experience360, a low-code / no-code platform intended to enable business users, such as those in marketing or customer care, to configure customer journeys quickly and without IT support.

This IDC report explains how this experience design platform has the potential to positively impact your omni-channel customer experience and customer journey management, and help you stay competitive in the wider digital marketplace.

Experience360 works with Amdocs' DigitalONE and CES suite, or any BSS, at the back and front end with any application and any channel. It makes cross-channel experience design much easier to do and faster to realize, partly due to the overall design of the platform, such as its openness, and partly because it’s built from adaptable, standardized software, but also – crucially – thanks to the exciting introduction of low-code / co-code. 

See what else IDC has to say about what this innovative platform could do for you.


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