The future of authentication, with Mickey Boodaei, CEO, Transmit Security

Mickey joins Avishai to discuss a future without passwords, what he's learned about recruiting talent, and some lessons for up and coming entrepreneurs.

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Avishai Sharlin, Division President of Amdocs Technology

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05 Apr 2022


The future of authentication, with Mickey Boodaei, CEO, Transmit Security

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Apr 5, 2022
The future of authentication

Mickey Boodaei, the CEO and Co-Founder of Transmit Security, discusses how the world can move on from passwords. Mickey also explains what he’s learned about attracting and retaining talent, and he offers some guidance to the next generation of entrepreneurs.

One of the great identity security concerns for consumers and businesses is the vulnerability of passwords. The security solution to password breaches by bad actors so far has been to increase the amount and complexity of passwords. At this rate, the future of identity security could be a world where people are totally overwhelmed by the passwords in their lives. Perhaps the world is already at that place? Mickey Boodaei has a different vision — a future without passwords that is more secure but with better useability that benefits consumers and businesses.

On this episode of Future of Tech, Mickey chats about how biometric data held securely on a personal device combined with the implementation of corresponding cryptographic keys can be used to verify identity rather than using passwords. He also passes on information he’s learned about finding and retaining top talent, and offers advice to the next generation of entrepreneurs. Enjoy this episode!

Main takeaways:

  • Getting Rid of Passwords: Until this point, the lack of security regarding passwords has mostly resulted in more complex passwords. Now, however, advances in biometric data have proved game changing. Mickey suggested that technology involving biometric data secured on individual devices and then connected to verifiable cryptographic keys has the ability to make passwords a thing of the past.
  • Competing for Talent: Mickey explained how the competition for engineering talent has become more fierce all over the world. He revealed how this latest huge amount of funding Transmit Security received has helped tell the story of Transmit more broadly, and how this has been an asset in attracting talent.
  • Advice for the Next Generation: Mickey suggested that those just starting out in their careers have lots of opportunity to either work for established companies or begin a more entrepreneurial journey. He made the point that having a passion for entrepreneurship is of utmost importance for those choosing to walk down that path. In reflecting on lessons he’s learned in his tech security career, which spans two decades, Mickey advised that honoring family time is highly valuable.

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