Analyst report


Pricing, service and partner innovation in 5G

Mark Newman, Chief Analyst

TM Forum

24 Apr 2021

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"Most mobile operators are experimenting with 5G use cases in multiple verticals, but developing services and capabilities that can be monetized is a different matter altogether."

To capitalize on 5G revenue opportunities, communications & media services providers need to partner with many other companies and potentially orchestrate their capabilities. This report will help you to understand:

  • How 5G is different from LTE, and why different pricing strategies and business models are needed
  • Why operators need to build a new relationship between their technology and business departments to innovate successfully using 5G
  • Which roles service providers can play in partnerships to deliver 5G capabilities
  • How service providers could use connectivity-as-a-service, network-as-a-service and network slicing to deliver 5G services

Download TM Forum’s full report today to get the answers to key questions about 5G innovation, as well as the strategies your team needs to make it happen.


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