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On the Radar - BriteBill Spark modernizes bill presentment

Discover how to transform the billing experience without making significant changes to your existing IT landscapes.

Chantel Cary, Senior Analyst Telco, IT & Operations


02 Feb 2021

On the Radar - BriteBill Spark modernizes bill presentment

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The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted a glaring need for the telecom industry to transform its approach to customer engagement. One area of customer engagement that has been long overlooked is the customer bill.

According to Omdia, BriteBill Spark offers a low-cost, rapidly deployed and business user-friendly solution.

Using templates, design assets and algorithms to modernize bill presentment, BriteBill Spark simplifies and personalizes the customer bill, while leveraging the existing BSS ecosystem and streamlining billing operations. 

Omdia also approves of our plan to make the solution compliant with TM Forum Open Digital Architecture and OpenAPI frameworks – thus ensuring seamless integration of with existing IT landscapes. 

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