Research: Workforce of 2022: Reskilling, Remote and More

Research: Workforce of 2022: Reskilling, Remote and More

Being there for employees starts with knowing what they need. Here’s what our recent research told us about what full-time workers are looking for in 2022, and how we’re well positioned to offer it.

Michael Zema, Corporate Communications


13 Sep 2021

Research: Workforce of 2022: Reskilling, Remote and More

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In its recently released Workforce of 2022: Reskilling, Remote and More Report, Amdocs surveyed full time workers across the U.S. to uncover what they want from their employers, and more importantly, why they’re leaving their jobs.

According to the findings, today’s employee has specific criteria for the current and post pandemic workplace, with several key areas rising above remote work as in demand perks.

Findings include:

  • The Great Resignation is real, but there’s a generational divide that comes with it
  • Two thirds of employees would leave a job due to lack of training and development
  • While remote work is a hot topic and important, it’s not in the top three demands for workers in for 2022
  • A third of employees worry that the rise of remote work will hurt their training and reskilling abilities

At Amdocs, we are committed to challenging our people so they can grow professionally and backing them up with a wide range of high-quality learning programs and diverse professional experience. In 2020 alone and during the pandemic, we reskilled more than 7,000 employees in DevOps technology and have been awarded for our efforts.

Key Facts

Reskilling is critical to our business
We introduced a new upskilling platform for employees covering the most strategic technological domains to enable future readiness, including cloud training, next-generation digital experience, and machine learning. More than 7,000 employees took part in 2020.

We encourage employees to take part in growth opportunities
In 2020, 82% of Amdocs employees chose to participate in learning and development programs. 30% of our employees chose to take part in personalized voluntary upskilling programs.

Remote work doesn’t slow us down
As a result of the COVID-19 crisis, we managed to completely shift to virtual and remote learning. As a result, and despite the challenges of the pandemic, we ended up with a 12% increase in learning events at Amdocs.

The importance of well-being
Amdocs has expanded its employee wellbeing program to fit the COVID era, deeply focused on physical and mental health, sense of social belonging, financial care and sense of company purpose.


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