Spatial computing: Are consumers ready for mixed reality?

Spatial computing: Are consumers ready for mixed reality?

Amdocs' 'The Era of Mixed Reality Report' offers comprehensive insights into the market trends and user behaviors shaping this exciting technology landscape.

Spatial computing: Are consumers ready for mixed reality?

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New research by Amdocs reveals that consumers are eager for more advanced augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) experiences, particularly if industry giant Apple is involved.

The study found that users are looking for these immersive technologies to be integrated with gaming, shopping, exercise, and more. However, there is also a significant knowledge gap when it comes to AR and MR.

“These findings uncover several essential factors, first and foremost being the need for better education around what’s possible from AR and MR experiences, as well as preparing networks that can better support in-demand, intensive and seamless experiences. As AR and MR experiences become more widespread, we’ll see the rise of new-found 'experience bundles' that capitalize on specific personas, coupling connectivity with entertainment, education, enterprise and more.”

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Anthony Goonetilleke, Group President of Technology and Head of Strategy at Amdocs

Findings from the research include:

Half of consumers have used AR in the past three months

  • Social media leads AR experiences (38%), followed by shopping online (22%), gaming (17%), work (8%) and school (3%). Half (49%) have not used AR at all in the past three months.

However, most consumers need a better understanding of what AR and MR actually are

  • A third (33%) are aware that AR can be used to gain digital insights while shopping, traveling and more. However, most (67%) of consumers have limited understanding (36% are aware of it as social media filters only) or not at all (31%).

Gaming tops experiences consumers want, but they other immersive areas, too

  • While half (49%) are interested in AR for gaming, a third want to use it for workouts, shopping (28%), education (21%), managing social life / real-time messaging (22%) and real-time GPS (23%).

Consumers are interested in AR / MR and virtual reality (VR) / the metaverse, but are leaning towards one in particular

  • 60% of consumers would prefer to use a mixed-reality approach vs. a metaverse one (40%). More than half (52%) of consumers felt an association with Apple on AR and MR would make them more interested in it, with 38% saying they would be likely to buy an Apple offering.

Half of consumers are interested in a mixed-reality headset that comes bundled with dedicated 5G connectivity

  • 51% would be interested or interested depending on cost with 12% claiming no interest due to cost. 40% of consumers would want to pay for a mixed-reality headset in installment plans to keep costs down.

"As we more deeply enter an era of mixed, augmented and virtual reality, we’re going to see significant change across consumer experiences, education, work and more. Just like the iPhone turned the internet into mobile, mixed reality will disrupt how we interact with our surroundings and immerse ourselves in new experiences. Based on our findings, gaming, fitness, and education are of most interest to consumers, but first, we’ll need to ensure the 'golden trio' work seamlessly together – networks, connected devices and the content that runs on top. With immersive experiences, there is zero tolerance for lag or quality degradation, and to make it amazing, the entire ecosystem needs to evolve as one.”

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Gil Rosen, Chief Marketing Officer at Amdocs

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