Analyst report


Revenue management: product assessment report

John Byrne


09 Mar 2021

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"Amdocs is a leader in the revenue management market. The CES21 end-to-end suite of customer and revenue management assets includes the new RevenueONE platform, which focuses on 5G monetization."

CES21 brings together our catalog, real-time charging and billing, plus a new strength in policy thanks to our acquisition of Openet in 2020.

It helps communications & media services providers launch their own, and partner-built, service offerings via a host of new business models to create new revenue opportunities.

The Global Data report gives an independent product overview that includes:

  • Key components and portfolio capabilities
  • Essential analysis and recommendations
  • The delivery model, service and support

Get the full report to learn more about the product’s strengths – including its 5G focus, network-as-a-service and global services. 


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