Sky Italy and Amdocs win Glotel 2020 award


06 Nov 2020

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The winning entry, in the Fixed Network Evolution category, was “Sky Italy’s Wi-Fi service and Ultra Network, powered by Amdocs Open Cloud Networks OSS"

November, 2020 - Sky Italy’s Wi-Fi service includes advanced Wi-FI CPE, bundled with a 1GB FTTH connection. A unique aspects of the deployment is that it leverages third-party last-mile FTTH infrastructure, taking advantage of Italy’s VULA (Virtual Unbundled Local Access) policy to offer very competitively priced broadband services that are fulfilled quickly and accurately.

Sky’s automated service deployment, fulfilment and assurance are enabled by Amdocs OSS, running on the cloud. Amdocs’ solution includes inventory management of the network underlay and service overlay, service fulfilment and activation, as well as service assurance, and interfaces with the operational support systems of last-mile fiber infrastructure providers.

Sky was able to launch its FTTH service in record time with reduced CAPEX and OPEX. With dedicated teamwork by Amdocs and Sky teams, the project was deployed on schedule in the first half of 2020, with minimal impact from COVID-19.



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