SmartRAN analytics offers critical 5G vRAN optimization

See how our SmartRAN near-real-time optimization solution delivers better quality of service on virtual radio access networks (vRAN).

22 Jul 2021

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vRAN for 5G networks gives mobile network operators (MNOs) a cost-effective solution for network build-out with performance scalability to support both small cell and macro cell deployments.

vRAN disaggregates the functionality of the RAN and connects these software elements using open interfaces. The disaggregation of vRAN provides a wealth of data for network optimization that will help MNOs maintain service levels for 5G networks.

We’ve teamed up with Intel to develop SmartRAN, our vRAN optimization solution that leverages our RAN analytics expertise with new functionality for collecting this data from vRAN.  

It integrates the industry-leading FlexRAN platform and applies machine learning techniques for data analysis and rapid configuration changes – all running on servers with the processing performance needed for high-speed 5G networks.  

Discover how SmartRAN could transform vRAN for your business.


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