Amdocs ActixONE Analytics Platform

Analytics-driven scalable platform, providing a unified workspace for all network analytics and optimization operations for 5G, 4G/LTE and converged mobile networks.

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Verify network performance, identify issues & drive exceptional user experiences

The world’s most powerful and widely deployed multi-vendor, multi-technology optimization platform, enabling planning, building, launch, management and optimization of all networks from GSM to 5G-NR more effectively and efficiently – while delivering service quality.

Leveraging drive, indoor, configuration management, performance management and subscriber trace-data sources, our solution enables countrywide analysis and benchmarking across your network, including supporting loading, processing and analysis of large data volumes using centralized and distributed deployment models.



  • Geo-locate every subscriber

    Map subscriber experience and demand down to the street/block level for full visibility and experience enhancement.

  • Gain insights on coverage & demand

    Understand how the mobile network impacts actual customer quality of experience.

  • Build revenue maps

    Link with Amdocs BSS data to build an accurate demographic and revenue profile for each location.

  • Maximize network investment impact

    Target network investment and optimization to maximize revenue.

  • Conduct drive test acceptance

    Analyze data from handset logging devices mounted in vehicles driving specific routes.

  • Benchmark against competitors

    Drive test data enables visibility of required network investment, allowing you to deliver network performance and differentiation.


Amdocs Customer Experience Geo-location
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ActixONE 5G datasheet
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Actix Analyzer: faster & more capacity 5G rollout
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Actix Analyzer overview datasheet
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License assisted access assurance study
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Actix Analyzer: advanced voice calling analysis
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