Research: The New Viewer

Research: The New Viewer

A recent study from Vanson Bourne shows customers are frustrated with today’s TV options. Consumers are willing to spend more – and give up private data– for expanded access to premium content, personalized bundles and flexible viewing options.


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Findings reveal what today’s viewers want, and what they’ll give to get it.


Read the full Vanson Bourne report


Vital insights from 2,500 consumers worldwide.


Executive Blog: Helpful or creepy? Would you share your data for better TV recommendations?


How can CSPs deliver a compelling, personalized experience while respecting the data that consumers trust them with? Darcy Antonellis, Darcy Antonellis, Head of Amdocs Media and CEO of Vubiquity, shares her thoughts.


Infographic: U.S. snapshot


What do consumers need in a perfect bundle?


Infographic: U.K. snapshot


How satisfied are consumers, and how open are they to personalization?


Executive Blog: OTT: Running to stand still?


Is OTT at a saturation point, or is there still a vast blue ocean ahead of us? It all depends on the “job to be done.” Raman Abrol, General Manager, Media Portfolio and Emerging Markets, weighs in.


GIF: Consumer viewing habits


The top U.S. findings, in animated form.


How quickly can you disrupt the content landscape?


Innovate rapidly. Partner effectively. Monetize successfully.


Viewers willing to part with £800+ a year


The Verdict highlights how consumers are willing to sacrifice price for more content.


Consumers open to more ads for better TV


The Drum explains how acceptance of ads comes only as part of a give and take.

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