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Amdocs eSIM Cloud

Amdocs eSIM cloud pioneers the future of digital, empowering communications and media providers, as well as device manufacturers, with a single seamless point of connection to the eSIM ecosystem.

It also enables consumers to add any device to eSIM-driven services, anywhere anytime.

One connection. Endless digital possibilities.

Embrace eSIM the right way

See how the Amdocs eSIM Cloud is helping service providers overcome the challenges of eSIM

Communications & Media Providers
eSIM: a Disruptive Opportunity for Telcos

Learn how service providers can leverage the eSIM opportunity while managing disruption. A white paper from analyst WhiteBridge Insight.

Interview with Vivo CIO

Andre Kriger, CIO at Vivo, talks about the benefits of the Amdocs eSIM Cloud

Device Manufacturers
Device Manufacturers
eSIM with Gemalto
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Connect with Amdocs & Microsoft
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executive insight
This is the age of eSIM!

Learn about the eSIM revolution and how Amdocs helps service providers capture the opportunity

Everything you need to know about eSIM

Learn how to achieve easy eSIM onboarding and interoperability to drive innovation and growth

Activating a new device has never been easier!

See how one customer switches their smartwatch and activates the new one as quickly as 1-2-3

The world’s first SIM card guitar

See the creation of the world’s first and only guitar made exclusively out of thousands of SIM cards

Amdocs eSIM cloud

See how to embrace eSIM with ease and simplicity

executive insight
Why IoT is the mobile internet all over again

Gil Rosen, president and general manager, amdocs:next, says IoT is "on the cusp" like the mobile internet before iPhone. How will eSIM play a role?

executive insight
Why eSIM is the key behind better consumer and business experiences

Gary Miles, Amdocs’ chief marketing officer, shares what long and short-term goals should be to encourage eSIM adoption

blog post
Why it’s time to re-think the mobile-first mindset

The history of our industry has been viewed through a mobile device keyhole. Gil Rosen, president and general manager, amdocs:next, explains why this has to change.

blog post
Why AI is critical for an IoT breakthrough
For the Internet of Things (IoT) revolution to truly take off, artificial intelligence (AI) will be vital. Gil Rosen, president and general manager of amdocs:next, explains why.

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