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Why telco-grade generative AI is the key to transforming the CSP’s business

Why telco-grade generative AI is the key to transforming the CSP’s business

GenAI is transforming the way we interact with systems and how systems interact with one another. What service providers need if they are to tap into this opportunity, is a telco-grade GenAI platform that is driven by telco-specific datasets.

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Ron Surets, Vice President, Head of Product Management


22 Feb 2024

Why telco-grade generative AI is the key to transforming the CSP’s business

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Much has been said over the past year about the transformative power of generative AI (GenAI). In just a few months, it has changed the way we do so many things in our personal and professional lives.

So, there’s no doubt that one the hottest topics to be covered at the upcoming Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, is how CSPs can leverage GenAI for business success.

And this is exactly what I want to talk about today.

The industry’s only telcoGPT for CSPs

GenAI is transforming the way we interact with systems and how systems interact with one another. This will enable service providers and end users, as well as telco employees – from sales to operation agents - to accomplish everything they need in a way that’s more efficient, informed, and structured than ever before. What’s more, it enables them to eliminate errors, avoid frustration, and reduce costs.

But achieving all this is not easy with General GenAI models, as the public GenAI models, such as ChatGPT and Gemini (formerly known as Bard), deliver outputs that are based on the information available on the internet, and too often, the data is erred, biased, even faked, and simply unreliable.

In order for service providers to succeed, they need a telco-grade GenAI platform that is driven by telco-specific datasets and telco-specific domain expertise; a platform that comprehends technical jargon, and the context of telco-related conversations, and recommends actions and relevant and responses.

"In order for service providers to succeed, they need a telco-grade GenAI platform that is driven by telco-specific datasets and telco-specific domain expertise..."

Amdocs GenAI platform

At Amdocs, we recognized early on the potential of telco-native GenAI for revolutionizing the CSP’s business and operations.

This is why we built amAIz , the only Telco specific GenAI platform, designed exclusively for communications service providers.

Our amAIz platform includes the world’s leading open source GenAI tools; it’s infused with telco taxonomy, and preloaded with industry-specific use cases . It also comes with Assistants which CSPs can create easily and quickly for guiding customers in their inquiries, and supporting employees during their care, sales, or other operational tasks. It offers Copilots that support users of both Amdocs and non-Amdocs telco systems with guidance and automated task execution. It’s a truly expertise-led platform, embedded with over 40 years of industry experience and leadership

Moreover, to make sure that CSPs will be able to adhere to strict compliance and data privacy demands, we built amAIz with comprehensive governance mechanisms , including advanced encryption with guardrails and data anonymization.

And amAIz is also LLM agnostic, built with close collaboration with the world’s foremost GenAI leaders. For example, we’re collaborating with Microsoft on use cases such as GenAI-powered customer care and sales journey. We’re also partnering with NVIDIA on fine-tuning large language models (LLMs) to improve latency, accuracy, and GenAI cost effectiveness and with AWS for OSS use cases.

With our latest Customer Experience Suite – CES24 we have introduced the following new GenAI capabilities:

  • Customer Engagement Platform: Creates an interconnected experience from sales to care. Built in partnership with Microsoft, the Customer Engagement Platform includes multiple copilot products across customer service, sales, CPQ (Configure Price Quote), order management, and more, boosting user efficiency and enhancing customer journeys while streamlining the lead-to-cash process.
  • Amdocs CPQ Pro: Delivers a streamlined enterprise sales experience by leveraging a new embedded copilot to easily create proposals with innovative solutions, optimize pricing, and summarize agreements with terms and conditions, reducing the overall sales process duration and accelerating revenues for CSPs.
  • Amdocs Catalog: Generates optimized and targeted offers in minutes by leveraging a newly embedded copilot and machine learning capabilities, providing CSPs with AI-driven insights and recommendations and accelerating time to market.
  • Amdocs Intelligent Network Suite: New copilots are leveraged to provide actionable insights from network and service data. They correlate events and impacted customers and provide prioritized recommendations through closed-loop automation. This ensures that service providers can operate more efficiently and provide better connected experiences.

Bringing new GenAI use cases to market faster

  • Latest use cases for an improved customer experience: With Bill Inquirer, CSPs can better solve customers’ billing-related inquiries and recommend alternative products or add-ons, increasing call deflection rates by up to 20% and reducing average handling time of assisted calls by up to 20%. Using Conversational Selling, personalized offerings can now be searched and refined according to a customer’s needs during sales engagements, increasing sales conversion rates by up to 5%.
  • A low-code environment for building telco-specific GenAI apps : Pre-built flows based on telco best-practices allow CSPs to build use cases faster. This platform comes with design-time evaluation capabilities, as well as fine-tuned LLMs and prompts enhanced by telco data sets, telco taxonomy, and RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation) to improve accuracy and optimize the costs of tokens.

This powerful combination means that CSPs can get up and running with GenAI faster than could ever be imagined, building their use cases within just a few hours.

The result is enhanced operator processes, more efficient operations, and revenue growth.

In conclusion

These are very exciting times for service providers. GenAI technology is not just poised to change our industry, it already is. And the question now is not whether or not to move ahead with GenAI, but how.

So, before you decide on the GenAI direction you want to take, we invite you to come and see what a telco-grade GenAI platform can do for you.

We’ll be on hand to demonstrate the tectonic-shifting capabilities of amAIz at MWC, in Hall 3, stand 3G10.

If you’d like to secure some one-on-one time we invite you to book a meeting by reaching out to us here .

I promise you won’t be disappointed. See you in Barcelona!


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