Amdocs wins Light Reading’s Leading Light award for Outstanding Systems Integrator

Amdocs wins Light Reading’s Leading Light Award for Outstanding Systems Integrator, due to Amdocs System Integration Services’ impressive achievements

Naomi Weiser


08 Dec 2022

Amdocs wins Light Reading’s Leading Light award for Outstanding Systems Integrator

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One of the industry's most important analyst-affiliated award programs, Light Reading's Leading Lights awards recognize the communication industry's top companies for outstanding achievements in next-generation communications technology, applications, services, strategies and innovation. The majority of the judges come from highly-regarded industry-analyst firms including Heavy Reading and Informa.

This year, Amdocs is proud to be recognized for Amdocs Systems Integration Services' unique differentiators and impressive achievements by winning the Outstanding System Integrator Award.

Amdocs full range of end-to-end services supports any. and all system integration needs across the entire ecosystem, from custom development, integration and partner solutions to quality engineering, security migration and more.

So why did we win the the Outstanding Systems Integrator Award?

In a nutshell, we're the ONLY communications-focused systems integrator in the communications industry and the ONLY one with product-led SI services .

As it has always done, Amdocs enhances its software-portfolio assets with services capabilities related to delivery and operations, which can lead to shorter time-to-market for new services and help in areas such as 5G monetization which are growing increasingly important to CSPs.


August 21

Our customers and analysts appreciate the many unique advantages that our expertise offers them, including:

  • Our services aren't only product-led, they're also communications-specific. This means we completely understand products' inner workings, how they address customer challenges, relationships between systems, how best to connect, integrate, test, implement etc. 
  • Our services projects have the same consistent levels of quality, business-value and automation you'd expect from a product, including repeatable sets of deliverables/best practices.
  • The telco-specific technology solutions, platforms and best practices used by Amdocs SI services are all built on our IP (intellectual property) from 40 years of communications industry experience.
  • Our communications-focused people:  Unlike all other system integrators  ( of whom only a small proportion are telco focused) nearly 100% of our SI teams are dedicated to the communications market, enabling us to deliver much higher business value, accuracy, quality-of-service and faster time-to-market
  • Best-of-breed partners – from hyper-scalers (AWS, Microsoft, Google etc) to solution partners (Microfocus, Quali,etc), we integrate their solutions into our technology platforms, ensuring they are communications-grade.
  • Our business-first approach: We first understand customers' business challenges and objectives, and then apply the technology that resolves them the best (rather than the other way around…)

This Leading Lights Outstanding System Integrator award will sit proudly together with our many previous Leading Lights awards, including Most Innovative Hybrid Networking Strategy (2021),  Outstanding Digital Enablement Vendor (2021 and 2020), Most Innovative 5G Strategy (2019),  Company of the Year (2018),  Best Deal Maker (2017), and  Most Outstanding Communications Technology vision (2017).

Amdocs wins Light Reading’s Leading Light award for Outstanding Systems Integrator


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