How to achieve a CX transformation that drives customer loyalty and revenue growth

How to achieve a CX transformation that drives customer loyalty and revenue growth

Enabling a seamless real-time customer experience can be a formidable task. Amdocs' Franck Darmon shares some key enablers for a successful cx transformation.

Franck Darmon

10 Jul 2020

How to achieve a CX transformation that drives customer loyalty and revenue growth

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Customer expectations have evolved significantly in the era of next-day delivery and activate now, as driven by the rise of digital natives who enable their customers with unprecedented control over engagements and transactions.

A seamless user experience and near real-time delivery of goods, services and support have become the new de-facto standard for CX.

This is why just as service providers worldwide are initiating or are well into their digital transformation journey, so too they must be crafting and advancing their CX transformation journey.

But, it’s a lot harder than it seems

Effecting a CX transformation that enables the organization to provide this seamless real-time delivery experience can be a formidable task.

Back-end systems and processes must go through a complete redesign. A detailed process mapping, cross-organizational learning and development, cultural change management, implementing new and advanced technologies such as AI and automation, and much more must also be endeavored.
Not to mention – control and monitoring should be centralized to optimize delivery and management of bundled and cloud-based services.

Many CX transformations seem to fall between the cracks not only because of all these complexities, but also because the approach is often fragmented, and the focus is typically put on technology overhaul rather than taking the comprehensive approach noted above regarding process and culture.

It is no surprise then that according to Gartner, 70% of CX leaders say they struggle to design initiatives that ultimately improve the customer experience.

The key enablers of an effective CX transformation

As many organizations put in great efforts at identifying just the starting point of their CX transformation roadmap, there are those who are moving ahead and capturing desired results.

These are the organization that have recognized the importance of business process redesign as a key enabler for their CX transformation.

But it’s not just any business process redesign approach that will do. What’s needed is an approach that includes process engines that allow for modeling, the ability to leverage business rules, and analytics for helping leaders identify the issues, trends, and opportunities that impact CX.

When seeking to redesign business processes to improve CX, service providers should also employ industry-specific benchmarking matrices, process redesign frameworks, digitization models, and technology accelerators such as cognitive automation tools, predictive analytics models, intent libraries, and domain-specific resources.

Considerations for a business process redesign partner

When considering a business process redesign partner, service providers should evaluate whether the candidate has an inclusive and comprehensive design-to-execution offering that includes consulting and process optimization, as well as industry specific experience and expertise.

They should also determine whether the potential partner can bring to the table a business process management (BPM) solution that is powered by AI, drives intelligent automation, and includes a process engine that enables smart workflows.

Key CX & BPM insights from NelsonHall

For more insights on how service providers can improve CX with business process redesign, we invite you to read this latest report from NelsonHall and learn about:

  • The factors that drive CX innovation in the communications and media industry
  • Actionable tips for implementing CX transformation best practices
  • The story of process redesign with Amdocs Business Services powered by iPaaS, and how one service provider achieved savings of over $30 million against a $2 million initial investment

Access the report here.


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