IoT is growing; Now is the time for a real digital experience

IoT is growing; Now is the time for a real digital experience

eSIM is happening now! Many new connected devices are using eSIM as their default connectivity method

Shahar Yaacobi

19 Oct 2020

IoT is growing; Now is the time for a real digital experience

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With the significant growth in IoT, service providers need to take another step forward in the experience they offer their customers.

Such an experience must be built around customer needs in a way that maximizes the value that can be extrapolated from IoT devices.

Moving to a fully digital experience, rather than the manual, inflexible and archaic experience is what is still missing to complete the puzzle. The experience of managing network identity using the plastic SIM card is maybe the last untouched island of the old world. Already, we’ve seen early adopters offering digital SIM technology, but this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Digitizing the physical world

More and more device manufacturers are joining the trend of embedding designated chips for storing and managing the network identity module (eSIM), while removing the physical tray that houses the plastic SIM card.

New research from Omdia, commissioned by Amdocs, discovered that CSPs have taken a radical mindset shift: They are embracing eSIM now. They think eSIM is good for business because they want to be digital. But for this to succeed, they need a vast amount of business and IT orchestration– both inside and outside the organization.

For example, let’s look at an Amdocs customer, a leading galaxy in Asia Pacific with seven affiliates globally, who placed extreme importance on offering customers not only the latest and greatest devices, but also a seamless experience. The decision to launch Apple devices with eSIM technology was a trivial choice of this innovative group. Today, the Amdocs eSIM platform, combined with the entitlement server, enables this group of telcos to offer a customized Apple watch experience, registration to Apple services such as Facetime and iMessage, and the ability to make calls directly from any Apple device, such as MacBook or iPad – even if they don’t have a SIM card.

The next step in the IoT experience

For the end-customer, the real challenge is that each OEM defines a different method for activating eSIM, resulting in different experiences: physical vouchers, digital QR codes, OEM apps and web sheet are only a few examples of these different experiences.

As the technology continues to advance, we expect to see more CSPs taking ownership of the eSIM activation experience by offering it as part of their “My MNO” application. This way, the experience becomes “normalized”, providing customers with a simple, unified and MNO-driven experience, rather than a complex and cumbersome one. Ultimately, those CSPs who are first to offer such an experience, will win the race for customers’ hearts.


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