A process-driven mindset with people-centricity creates magic

A process-driven mindset with people-centricity creates magic

Knowing your talents, understanding what motivates you, and identifying where you add value to your organization or your customer, can help you extend your horizons of opportunity.

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Fiona Harold, Business Operations Lead, Amdocs Networks


01 Aug 2022

A process-driven mindset with people-centricity creates magic

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As the Business Operations lead for the newly formed Amdocs Network Business Unit, my role is both exciting and rewarding.

We are a new commercial unit focused on penetrating the network market, driving new revenues & building our brand within the network domain.

We can leverage our extensive portfolio of products & expertise to enable our network customers and partners to do innovative & transformative things. It is an amazing opportunity and one I am excited to be a part of!

From languages to technology, an unconventional road that led to a beautiful destination

Before I talk about my professional journey, I want to share that Business Operations wasn’t where it all started for me. It may come as a surprise that while I’ve spent more than a decade driving and supporting large-scale business and organizational projects and initiatives, my education and background are in languages.

I studied German and French at University College Dublin and started my career at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, France, the continent's leading human rights organization. While I was in between contracts, an opportunity came my way to join Openet, a leading software and services provider to communications companies that Amdocs acquired in 2020.

I worked on my skills rather than my resume

Although my resume may not have been the most obvious fit for a position in a software company - the skills and knowledge I had gained made it a perfect match.

When I entered the world of technology, I found it extremely vibrant. Everyone was passionate and committed. Whether the focus was on tech or business, everyone felt they were making a significant difference in what's most current and relevant in the digital age.

This is what I loved the most then and still love now. I love being part of this technology-driven excitement that’s continually evolving and always fascinating – impacting billions of people’s lives all over the world.

When you combine people and process, magic happens

You will get the job done when you are structured in thought and action, focused on the task at hand, and result-oriented. But adding people-centricity, collaboration, and authentic cooperation can significantly enhance the same position, making the journey more rewarding and fun.

In my career, I have always found that being process-oriented and people-centric are the keys to achieving mutually beneficial results. When you combine business operations skills with people skills and turn vision into execution, magic happens!

However, turning vision into execution also means that you need to help people take that leap of faith with you. You need to connect the dots perceptually for people and support them on that journey through a structured process and transparent communications.

Taking change management as an example, we can see how this plays out. Change happens at both an organizational and a personal level, and for change to be effective, we need a change management plan that addresses both aspects.

Investing in your skills, values, and passion gets the best results

I am also a team player who believes that teamwork makes dreams work. Getting teams motivated, committed, and inspired to achieve results is an integral part of my DNA. I am fortunate to have such a visionary manager who rallies the troops around a new adventure and promises great rewards.

As a business-focused woman in technology, I have always been involved in a very customer-centric environment. Creating a blueprint for how we can leverage our expertise for our customers' benefit and be transformative - understanding their needs and desires - is an exciting challenge I have always loved to take

But it’s not just that. Knowing your talents, understanding what motivates you, and identifying where you add value to your organization or your customer, can help you extend your horizons of opportunity.

Regardless of your education, training, know-how, or skillset – if you know what you’re good at, what the market is looking for, and what you love – you will find that there are many more professional opportunities out there than you may have thought.

What’s my plan B?

Well, it’s for reasons stated above that I don’t have a “plan B.” I have a set of highly transferrable skills, and there are a lot of different roles across many domains that can benefit from what I bring to the table.

I can say this confidently because I am at Amdocs, where endless opportunities are available to all, especially women. This organization invests significantly in gender diversity and provides equal opportunities for learning and growth.

What’s more, here is where you want to be, where the action is. It’s all about the cutting-edge of digital, the latest trends in networking, 5G, and impacting the lives of millions.

So, whether in business, tech, or any other field, you're sure to achieve your dreams if you’ve got passion, commitment, a process-driven mindset, and people-centricity.

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