The promise of data to transform CSPs' business

The promise of data to transform CSPs' business

CSPs around the world face the dual challenges of growing revenues to support investment in 5G, fiber and other new infrastructure, while also reducing costs to preserve profitability.

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Gal Schreiber, Product Marketing Director


14 Apr 2023

The promise of data to transform CSPs' business

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CSPs now have an incredible opportunity to overcome these challenges and maximize the value of their data.

The journey from raw data to business insight to business impact is long. Amdocs’ holistic and multi-faceted approach ensures CSPs’ journeys will be fruitful. When modernizing and building the data foundation, Amdocs makes sure it is built to achieve CSPs’ business goals. When working with CSPs’ to address a specific business use case, Amdocs will make sure to build and define the architecture so it will support both immediate and long-term strategic needs.

CSPs know that the data they collect from users, network and devices has value, but are often stymied in their efforts to extract and use it to help improve their business performance. Today, with the advent of new ML and AI tools and increasing ubiquity of public and private clouds, CSPs have never been in a better position to finally start mining their vast troves of data. They hope that data can help them improve different metrics, including network performance and customer experience. Recognizing this data has value to third-parties, some CSPs are actively looking at how to monetize the data they collect.

All these advancements mean that CSPs now have an incredible opportunity to overcome these challenges and maximize the value of their data.

3 common types of data projects

When approaching data-related projects, CSPs have multiple choices. They can:

  • Modernize their data infrastructure. These projects focus on technology, looking at areas including physical hardware, data formats and naming conventions, data management and data governance. They tend to be company-wide, with the goal of harmonizing taxonomies across all functional areas. The end goal for such projects is to ensure data is correct and complete, make it easier for companies to share data across functional groups and efficiently manage data on an on-going basis.
  • Target a specific use case. These projects tend to be done within one domain within the organization – e.g. network operations, customer care or finance. The aim here is to optimize workflows for a business process or set of processes within the domain, as well as scrub relevant data for accuracy and completeness. Best practice, however, suggests that companies are better served to plan the entire roadmap that considers needs across the company to avoid silos and lay a foundation for the future.
  • Focusing solely on technology will not deliver the ROI in a timely manner. Targeting specific use cases may make sense for a given department, but the organization will not reap the economies of scale from a technology standpoint. Trying to analyze massive volumes of data spread across a large number of disparate silos makes it difficult to view and extract meaningful CSP-wide business insights. This results in higher costs, longer lead times, and reduced business agility. Neither of these two options achieve the transformational benefits that come from a more holistic approach that puts long-term business objectives at the center. And it is this holistic nature of the final option that generates its power. A data and analytics strategy must illustrate how the use of the vast amount of mobile and networking data will catalyze business changes and deliver new business opportunities.

Amdocs' holistic approach to data transformation

The benefits of Amdocs holistic approach are many and CSPs who take this journey can expect to:

  • Effectively change and deliver new measurable business opportunities and value.
  • Transform complex data into an intelligent dynamic data foundation that enables them to harness data to boost their business and drive operational efficiencies through AI-driven insights.
  • Build the data foundation that fits the growing needs of 5G and the future demands of their customers.
  • Accomplish their goals by providing a new set of measurements, formalizing KPIs, and developing models that will transform their raw data into a meaningful, tangible business asset.

Why partner with Amdocs for data transformation?

Amdocs takes a multi-faceted data approach. While it helps CSPs modernize their stack, it will architect and build the workflows with the business objectives in mind. Amdocs Data Intelligence ensures business needs are met, while keeping an eye on costs so projects show a return on investment during the early stages. When helping CSPs with a specific use case, it will plan the complete roadmap for the whole project, breaking it down into all the systems that require modernization, while ensuring robust, consolidated data sets as data volumes increase over time to avoid the pitfall of data silos.

The Amdocs Data Intelligence solutions portfolio is structured to fit any stage of a CSP journey – from early-stage planning, through implementation, and managed operations. CSPs who partner with Amdocs can expect to achieve the following benefits:

  • Lower Risk. Amdocs vouches for the data and verifies that systems perform throughout the data migration process, maintaining business continuity for the organization. It has a proven track record of successfully delivering 1000s of transformations.
  • Faster Time-to-Value. While CSPs are undergoing digital transformation, it architects and builds their data in such a way that it best suits their new systems, significantly shortening the time to value. Amdocs’ extensive and streamlined Intellectual Property (IP) provides immediate Out-Of-The-Box (OOTB) business value. The new system is guaranteed to operate smoothly and provide insights in the fastest way possible.
  • Better Results. Amdocs has modeled 1,000+ CSP domains, entities, KPIs, and attributes, making it easier to consume and generate value from data. This means that it turns raw Telco data into business ready data providing crucial insights with a tangible business impact.
  • Close the Loop. It delivers insights from CSPs’ core systems and push actions into their operational systems, empowering an end-to-end solution, from insight to action.

Amdocs’ vast experience working closely with CSPs given it an unprecedented understanding of CSP data, operations and business processes.

If you want your data to fulfill its destiny, partner with Amdocs, and together we will mastermind your data journey. 


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