RevenueONE Certified on AWS Outposts ready program

RevenueONE Certified on AWS Outposts ready program

Following a rigorous certification process, concluded in record time with remarkable results, RevenueONE charging has been Certified on AWS Outposts ready program.

Ron Porter

16 Sep 2020

RevenueONE Certified on AWS Outposts ready program

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Amdocs RevenueONE’s convergent charging system has been certified as part of the exclusive Amazon Web Services (AWS) Outposts Ready program.

The milestone comes as the result of the product being fully tested on AWS Outposts, and consolidates Amdocs qualitative advantage in the industry. AWS Outposts Ready products are generally available and supported for AWS customers, and include clear deployment documentation.

The certification announcement, which also signified Amdocs’ inclusion as AWS Partner member, follows a live deployment of the product on Outpost and encompassed a wide range of scenarios and tests. These included validating the environment setup, stability, scalability and high availability, as well as producing product documentation and architecture guides for deployment.

The entire process was completed within a record time of one month – providing clear validation of Amdocs’ industry-leading cloud-native product and delivery capabilities, and showing remarkable results, including:

  • Single-digit millisecond latency under high load
  • Scaling in and out under variable load
  • Auto-healing for maintaining high availability
  • Utilization of AWS managed Kubernetes services (EKS)
RevenueONE’s distributed, 5G-ready charging architecture is best-positioned to address emerging monetization needs for new services and innovative business models of the 5G era. From smart spaces, IoT and media to private networks, network slicing and edge monetization – each use case can be monetized in different ways, with charging functions positioned in optimal locations.

AWS Outposts enables operators to extend the AWS cloud environment to various locations throughout the network. Leveraging the same AWS hardware infrastructure, services, APIs and tools to build and run applications on premises and in the cloud, it enables a truly distributed deployment model – fit for the scale and diversity of the 5G ecosystem.

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As an AWS Partner member, our ability to bring these solutions together represents another step in Amdocs’ mission of taking the industry to the cloud to reap the benefits of dynamic elasticity, agility and ease of operations. Moreover, our approach is set to prove vital in addressing every new revenue opportunity of the 5G era – today and into the future.
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