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Disrupting fashion’s footprint, with Adi Shemesh

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Gil Rosen, CMO, Amdocs

S1 E3

27 May 2021


Disrupting fashion’s footprint, with Adi Shemesh

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May 27, 2021
Episode 3: Disrupting Fashion’s Footprint

What is it like to be an entrepreneur fighting against a giant industry? Will initiatives that simply makes work in the commercial world? How do you hone-in on customer pain points and understand user habits to create a new company?

In this episode of Point of View, host Gil Rosen interviews Adi Shemesh, a tech entrepreneur who went through a fascinating journey of creating a new venture and offers a truly compelling perspective on all these “genesis dimensions”.

Join Gil and Adi as they tackle the tough questions about technology offers us the tools to shift consumer paradigms.


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