Join us at DTW23 - Ignite

Join us at DTW23 - Ignite

Digital Transformation World from TM Forum is coming to Copenhagen in September. It’s an amazing opportunity to join industry leaders on a transformative journey that seeks to shape the future for us all.

04 Aug 2023

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Join us at DTW23 - Ignite


19-21 Sept 2023


Copenhagen, Denmark

Join Amdocs at DTW23 - Ignite, Copenhagen, September 19-21, 2023 to drive rapid service innovation and unlock new growth opportunities.

Explore the collision of telco and cloud worlds, driving service innovation and unlocking new growth opportunities. Connect with 200+ thought leaders and 3,500 peers across three days of expo, networking and social activities.


DTW 2023 - Amdocs Catalysts

Catalysts push the boundaries to give our members the edge. They are rapid proof-of-concept projects for co-creating innovative solutions to important industry challenges. The work of Catalysts impacts multiple vertical markets and makes lasting contributions to society.


Tuesday, September 19

Raman Abrol
SESSION: Monetizing platforms and marketplaces for growth // 14:00 – 15:30

TRACK: Platform & Partners

AMDOCS SPEAKER: Raman Abrol, CEO of Vubiquity and GM of Amdocs Media

SPEAKER: Helmut Rogge-Wiltsche, IT Director, A1

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SESSION: Building blocks of the techco // 14:00 – 15:30


Hasan Jafri, VP of Cloud and Enterprise Architecture TELUS
James Kirby, SVP, Global Telco and Head of EMEA, CSG
Azhar Sayeed, Senior Director, TME Technology & Strategy, RedHat
Osama Abu-Shihab, VP, Business Technology Services, Bell Canada
Michael Lesniak, Senior Manager, Business Development and Partnerships, Global Business Group, SK Telecom 

Menny Konorty
SESSION: How to get to the autonomous network // 16:00 – 17:30

TRACK: Future Networks

AMDOCS SPEAKER: Menny Konorty, Head of OSS/Network Product Management, Amdocs Technology

SPEAKER: Katja Scheepers, Head of Network as a Service, Vodafone Ziggo

Gil Rosen
KEYNOTE: The Rise of AI: What it means for today and tomorrow // 16:00 – 17:30

SESSION: The AI game changer

AMDOCS SPEAKER: Gil Rosen, Chief Marketing Officer, opening and panel

Rick Lievano, CTO, WW Telecommunications, Microsoft
Jaime Tatis, Vice President – Data Strategy & Enablement, TELUS
Chris Penrose, Global Head Business Development – Telco, NVIDIA

Shiri Yitzhaki-Kanchuck
SESSION: Managing and scaling the cloud-native infrastructure // 16:00 – 17:30

TRACK: Cloud Native Software

AMDOCS SPEAKER: Shiri Yitzhaki-Kanchuck, Product Marketing Lead, Amdoc

SPEAKER: Gint Atkinson, VP Strategy and Architecture, SES

Jin Suk
SESSION: Moonshot Catalyst - Leading the metaverse revolution // 16:00 - 17:30

AMDOCS SPEAKER: in Suk, Sr. Director of Product Strategy & Management, Amdocs

Wednesday, September 20

Sarit Assaf
AI-Driven Customer Experience // 08:30 – 11:00

AMDOCS SPEAKER: Sarit Assaf, General Manager, Amdocs Technology

SPEAKER: Silvia Candiani, VP Telecommunications, Microsoft

Thursday, September 21

Idit Duvdevaney Aronshon
PANEL: How technology can be harnessed to deliver diversity // 09:00-10:30


SESSION: Skills and Workforce in the Age of Innovation

AMDOCS SPEAKER: Idit Duvdevaney Aronshon, Head of Corporate Responsibility, Inclusion & Wellbeing ESG

Fatima Semnami, DiVX CIO, BT
Malin Fransen-Kronberg, Director Service Assurance, Chief Quality Officer, Telia

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