The Canadian Dream realized

Matt sits down with John Brink to discuss John's incredible journey from post-war emigre to leading entrepreneur and innovator.

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Matt Roberts, Head of Customer Marketing, Americas, Amdocs

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14 Dec 2023


The Canadian Dream realized

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Dec 13, 2023
The Canadian Dream realized

In April of 1945, Canadian soldiers liberated swaths of the Netherlands from Nazi occupation. John A. Brink was five years old when his village was liberated, and the experience convinced him he would one day move to Canada. He fulfilled this dream in 1965, and eventually became a serial entrepreneur. Matt sits down with John to discuss his incredible journey, including his path to becoming President and CEO of the Brink Group of Companies, in addition to more than 10 others. 

“I came here: I couldn’t speak the language, didn't know a soul, and didn't have a job. By the time I arrived in Prince George, I had exactly $25.47 – but what I did have in abundance is attitude (I'm always positive), passion (I love what I do), and work ethic (I work harder than anybody and I still do that today). I'm a late bloomer, in a sense: after I was 70, I became an author, I'm an active public speaker in demand quite substantially, and then obviously I've been very very active in podcasting ‘On the Brink’. I've done about 200 podcasts and here I am today.”

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John Brink, CEO of Brink Group of Companies

This episode, a part of The Great Indoors Canadian series, offers a unique glimpse into John's life. He shares personal insights, detailing his experiences as an author of three books and the host of the On The Brink podcast. In this discussion, he and Matt explore his efforts in raising awareness and educating the public about ADHD, why fitness is so important to him, and shed light on his broader contributions beyond the business realm. Don’t miss the chance to hear his incredible story.


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