Research: What employees want from AI in the workplace

Research: What employees want from AI in the workplace

Amdocs’ research reveals a workforce eager to embrace AI as a catalyst for career growth and innovation. Explore fascinating findings that challenge prevailing fears and uncover new possibilities in the AI-powered workplace.

Research: What employees want from AI in the workplace

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"Rather than AI being a replacement technology, it holds great potential to act as a democratizing force in the workforce. For instance, workers can use AI to uplevel their skills, think bigger picture, and change careers on a dime as their interests and passions evolve. However, this is only possible if AI is available to all through a level playing field. Otherwise, we risk a new kind of digital divide – the AI divide, where only some are working at their true potential."

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Gil Rosen, Chief Marketing Office, Amdocs

Key findings include:

AI adoption
66% of full-time workers express a desire for their employers to offer AI solutions, recognizing the transformative impact it can have on productivity and efficiency.

Empowering growth
Nearly 60% of workers aspire to harness AI technologies to fuel their own career advancement, unlocking new avenues for professional development and personal success.

Empowering growth and talent mobility
Nearly all respondents prioritize growth and talent mobility. One-third of full-time workers stated that they would consider leaving their current job if internal mobility support was lacking. However, only 45% confirmed that their current workplace offers such support.

Bias awareness
According to young adults, bias emerges as the most significant obstacle to career progression. 30% of overall respondents would want to use an AI program that automatically scans their resume and proactively matches them to open roles based on skills – not what team they are currently on. .

How we’re using AI and supporting our workforce

Most Loved Workplace certification
Amdocs has been proudly certified as a Most Loved Workplace®* by Best Practice Institute (BPI). Our commitment to learning, reskilling, internal mobility, well-being, and diversity is the cornerstone of our organization. Moreover, we offer programs like the employee stock purchase plan, allowing employees to share in our collective success.

Cultivating continuous learning and growth
We foster a collaborative work culture that enables employees to continuously learn and grow, both individually and as a team. Our investment in employee development helps us meet the evolving needs of our customers. In recognition of our efforts, we were previously honored with the TM Forum Excellence Award (Human Factor) for successfully transforming our culture to drive customers' cloud migration.

We’re helping our customers leverage AI
Amdocs amAIz combines carrier-grade architecture leveraging open-source technology with large language AI models, creating a foundation for global communications service providers, enabling them to benefit from the immense potential of generative AI. This follows a recently announced strategic partnership expansion with Microsoft and the joint creation of the AI-infused Customer Engagement Platform.

We’re using AI for internal mobility
We recently launched an AI-driven platform, Career Hub, to enable matching of employee skills to open positions, regardless of their current role, ensuring everyone has equal opportunity to find their next big move. Perhaps even one they didn’t know they’d be a fit for.

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