The seventh R: Reshaping your organization for a successful cloud migration

Going to move your organization to the cloud? Then you must ensure it’s in the right cultural shape to make the journey. Here’s how...


09 Sep 2020

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When planning for cloud migration, we often use the ‘Six Rs’ as a rule of thumb to guide where applications will fit (or will need to evolve) during the move, but there is a missing – and vital – seventh R: ‘Reshaping’ your organization.

As Gartner research describes, cultural issues are the root of many failed business transformations, yet most organizations do not assign explicit responsibility for culture. In short, nurturing the right culture will support your move to the cloud – carried by employees that value innovation.

With that premise front of mind, this paper explains and explores key areas such as:

  • Change management and leadership
  • Creating vision statements
  • Value stream mapping
  • Removing barriers
  • Adapting and owning the culture
  • Identifying desired behaviors
  • Using communication channels
  • Hiring and training alignment

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