Your customers are talking… are you listening?

Voice analytics lets you tap into 100% of customer interactions, analyzing calls to learn, predict, and improve the customer experience. Analyze chat, email, CRM, and support data for mood, tone, and content, to train agents and build actionable predictions. Lower costs, get insightful data, and increase loyalty just by tapping into what your customers are saying.  

How we can help you improve service and sales with voice call data

Your customers are telling you what they want—are you listening? With Amdocs, you can transform voice data into progress. 

Your agents handle customer calls efficiently, then wrap up with some quick documentation. But what if you could analyze calls more deeply, using the latest AI and natural language processing (NLP) tools?

Are customers irritated? Confused? How do they feel about your brand? What are the most common call drivers? Train agents, inform executives, anticipate customer needs, and take action for better results. Simple visual reporting lets you track metrics for rich insights and accountability. Save time, boost conversion and retention, and plan new offerings. With customers’ voices to guide you, everybody wins. 



  • Spot opportunities

    Identify gaps in agents’ knowledge and add coaching where it’s needed.

  • See the big picture

    Use analytics to group conversation topics and themes across calls to mine crucial BI.

  • Boost satisfaction

    Monitor and improve first call resolution (FCR), a critical KPI for satisfaction.

  • Glean best practices

    Observe which agents and strategies are most successful so you can roll them out more broadly.

  • Predict NPS

    Even if customers don’t respond to post-call surveys, auto-NPS based on voice data can predict satisfaction.

  • Detect and prevent fraud

    Fraud, churn intent, and other vital predictors are easy to flag, allowing you to act before it’s too late. Keep personal and sensitive data safe.


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Find out how Amdocs can help your business.

Find out how Amdocs can help your business.


make it

Your future looks
breath-taking from here


Embrace the cloud and together we’ll see your business agility, innovation and scalability soar to new heights.

Simplify the complex,
deliver the brilliant


Discover the streamlined, cost-efficient and intelligent answer to increasingly complex customer, IT and network demands.

Fill your customers’ day
with content they love


Build an irresistible content proposition and experience that keeps your customers coming back for more.

Reinvent the customer
experience. Every day.


Discover the agility to deliver a jaw-dropping digital experience that always exceeds expectations.

Make today’s impossible
tomorrow’s possible


Unlock the full potential of 5G and shape the network to create new capabilities, unique business models and game-changing opportunities.


about Amdocs

Discover how Amdocs can help your business.


Your future looks breath-taking from here.


Simplify the complex, deliver the brilliant.


Fill your customers’ day with content they love.


Reinvent the customer experience. Every day.


Make today’s impossible tomorrow’s possible.



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