Reap the benefits of a comprehensive OTT and digital consumer services

As the demand for more relevant services grows and OTT and digital consumer service providers push to augment their reach to consumers, communications and media service providers need to find ways to stay relevant. While this creates a great opportunity, it also comes with challenges - to accelerate time-to-revenue, provide an immersive user experience, optimize costs, and drive scalability and service adoption.

Reap the benefits of a comprehensive OTT and digital consumer services and bring OTT monetization to life.



  • Turn partnerships into revenue fast

    Enables a ‘one-to-many’ approach to drive faster time-to-market for service providers and partners, driven by rapid partner onboarding and settlement.

  • Lower partner integration costs

    Delivers pre-integrated partner services and user journeys, as well as simplified subscription billing, lowering onboarding costs for OTT and digital consumer services.

  • Win and retain customers

    Increase ARPU and reduce churn: According to Omdia, 42% of consumers would pay for a premium media service bundled by a service provider and over 33% of consumers would be more loyal.

  • Provide an engaging user experience across all services offered

    Effective digital identity management for frictionless and engaging user experience.

  • Add flexibility to your subscription models

    Flexible subscription management enabling payments in different currencies and payment methods, and supporting recurring subscriptions as well as transactional payments.


Datasheet: MarketONE
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Datasheet: MarketONE Partner
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Datasheet: MarketONE Partner Lifecycle Management
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Datasheet: MarketONE User Lifecycle Management
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Datasheet: MarketONE Subscription Lifecycle Management
Brochure: MarketONE
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