Expand your digital offering with partner services

In the fierce competition to access consumers, OTT media and subscription service providers are launching direct-to-consumer offerings. They see communications and media service providers (CSPs) as key allies in the race to accelerate market penetration. 

CSPs need to go beyond traditional services and enhance their offering to consumers with third party content – driving  consumer engagement and higher revenues while lowering churn.

Make the most of your opportunities

As the shift from linear programming to streaming gains pace, it’s creating exciting new bundling opportunities for telco services, together with content from OTT and subscription partners – giving greater access to more consumers and accelerating penetration into new markets. 

The benefits are clear, but not without their challenges, as no player can afford to onboard multiple partners unless the process becomes more scalable and flexible – speeding up time to market and ROI.

Choose a platform for growth

Our business platform, Amdocs MarketONE, enables CSPs, OTTs and subscription service providers to optimize and scale the process to create third party offerings and bundles for consumers – creating an immersive experience that accelerates ROI and increases retention, while driving revenue and subscriber growth.


  • Turn partnerships into revenue faster

    A one-to-many platform approach empowering OTTs, subscription service providers and CSPs will launch faster, more scalable offerings.

  • Win and retain more customers

    According to Omdia, 42% of consumers would pay for a premium media service bundled by a service provider, and over 33% would be more loyal if offered the right bundled partner service.

  • Drive user engagement and experience

    Deliver effective digital identity management – for a frictionless and engaging user experience that strengthens retention and ARPU.

  • Accelerate market presence and revenues globally

    Partner with the service providers who dominate the global markets – serving more than three billion consumers – that you want to reach.

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