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Amdocs Bi-Modal DevSecOps

Bi-modal DevSecOps is a hybrid model tailored to fit each CSP on their DevSecOps journey curve

Running Transformation Projects with the Amdocs Solution Book®

Encapsulates our intellectual property, principles, best practices and out-of-the-box functionality

The accelerated pace of digitalization and rapid changes in customer needs are creating new business opportunities faster than ever before.

To support these high-speed changes and provide ongoing value and innovation, we are embracing DevSecOps and agility in everything we do so as to streamline your journey to the cloud.

The Amdocs DevSecOps approach is an evolution of our ‘product-led services’ model that provides full-accountability engagement with our customers. We’re leveraging new technologies, accelerating automation and introducing innovative methods to continuously integrate small development and operations cycles - delivering value faster to our customers.

We are running projects with compelling results:
  • Hundreds of major deployments delivered a year
  • Dozens of telco transformations managed in parallel
  • Deployed full consumer digital stack within 4.5 months
  • Realized ~30% reduction in escaping defects YoY
  • Shifted to a fully operational remote delivery operation within one week
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  3. Why CD Works
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  5. DevOps Processes
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