How We Deliver

Driving rapid innovation and time to market by embracing the paradigm shift to a DevOps approach and microservices-based architecture

Amdocs Bi-modal DevOps

Bi-modal DevOps is a hybrid model tailored to fit where each CSP is on the DevOps journey curve

Running Transformation Projects with the Amdocs Solution Book®

Encapsulates our intellectual property, principles, best practices and out-of-the-box functionality

Today’s digital revolution is constantly creating unique business opportunities. We understand that our customers need to introduce digital experiences and innovative offerings at a very rapid pace. In fact, 82% of them have already begun their digital journey.

It’s no secret that DevOps is a way to achieve fast time to market. At Amdocs, a DevOps approach is an evolution of our ‘product-led services’ model; our full-accountability engagement model with our customers. We’re leveraging new technologies, accelerated automation and innovative methods to integrate small development and operations cycles continuously - to deliver value faster to our customers.

We are running projects with compelling results:


  • Deployed full consumer digital stack within 4.5 months
  • Increased release frequency from 3 to 7 times a year
  • Achieved 20% improvement in time to production
  • Reduced defect density by up to 40%
  • Realized ~30% reduction in escaping defects
  • Reduced time from ideation to production from 7 to 4 months
The Man Who Loves Mondays

It's not weird to love Mondays when you love the way you work. That's the essence of Amdocs DevOps. Working smarter, benefitting from partnerships.

Next Steps
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The Data Behind DevOps

Making the Case For AWESOME. DR. Nicole Forsgren. CEO and Chief Scientist, DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA)

podcast series
The State of DevOps

Learn from the experts – approaches, obstacles, impacts and benefits:

  1. Why DevOps Matters
  2. CI/CD Primer
  3. Why CD Works
  4. Tech as an Enabler: Tools & Automation
  5. DevOps Processes
  6. Bi-Modal Delivery
  7. Transformational Leadership