Beyond connectivity

How network automation is transforming the telco landscape with orchestrated solutions.

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Mehrdad Ekbatani, Product Marketing, E2E Network & Service Automation

Amdocs Technology

20 Nov 2023

Beyond connectivity

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Our industry is at a crossroads where embracing innovation is critical.

Driven by a need for more open, programmable networks and robust, secure cloud-based services, telcos are expanding from basic service delivery to a much broader spectrum of advanced B2B and B2C solutions. Yet together with the opportunities, there are significant challenges. Most significantly, how do you balance the stagnation in traditional revenue streams with the rising demands of a digitally savvy customer base?

The solution lies in combining strategic adoption of network automation, with orchestration.

Yet before we delve deeper, let’s look at the key industry trends driving this evolution.

Telco megatrends for meaningful growth

Figure: Telco megatrends for meaningful growth

  • Consumer and enterprise demand: Both consumers and enterprises are seeking agile digital experiences, leading to more open and programmable network operations.
  • Shift in the consumer segment: We’re seeing a significant shift in the consumer segment, evidenced by the growing demand for high-quality connectivity, which has reignited investment in fiber and mobile broadband networks.
  • Enterprise solutions: Enterprises are not just looking for services. Rather, they want solutions that ease achieving their business goals through connected technologies and are looking for partners who can help them realize their strategic business outcomes.
  • Collaboration as the norm: Enterprises and telcos are joining forces to create new business opportunities. This involves working not just with traditional partners but also with new competitors and organizations in an ecosystem-oriented business environment – a space where multiple partners can easily collaborate to deliver profitable and innovative services.
  • IT systems shift: Downtime or security breaches can have dire consequences for enterprise customers. So as more business-critical applications move to the cloud, we’re seeing increased demand for guaranteed reliability and security in connected services.

Managing the complexity

For technology providers, the race is on to create innovative solutions that can manage the increased complexity that accompanies this evolution – all as the demand for beyond-connectivity solutions grows, creating a more intricate operational landscape. Yet far beyond adding more services, the real challenge lies in finding ways to innovatively integrate advanced technologies to deliver these services effectively. But crucially, such a task cannot be considered until you enhance organizational practices to optimize business processes and network resources – a critical, yet complex task.

Our approach focuses on innovative, next-generation OSS solutions that drive automation, orchestration, and operational optimization across various domains and technologies while ensuring alignment with evolving industry needs. A key example is our E2ESO solution, which streamlines operational costs and enhances service quality, in order to facilitate a quicker response to market demands. In addition, by seamlessly integrating with our wider range of solutions, it enables us to maximize the potential of our customers’ network assets, while helping them open new avenues for revenue and elevate the customer experience.

Pushing the needle

Both on a customer and industry level, this innovative approach is already having a strong impact on the evolution of network capabilities:

Network exposure & APIs: As part of TM Forum’s Catalyst program, in collaboration with AT&T, Orange, Telefonica, and Microsoft, we participated in the DTW SHINE (Simple Hyperscaler Integrated Network Experience) catalyst , demonstrating how telcos can offer their advanced network services globally through hyperscaler portals.

Enabling NaaS: Leveraging Amdocs E2ESO, we enabled VodafoneZiggo, a leading Dutch telco, to launch a network-as-a-service (NaaS) platform to support a cloud-like marketplace model for network services. This enabled them to translate business intent into actionable network configurations and create an abstraction layer between IT and network domains.

AI-driven closed-loop network automation: Following our acquisition of Teoco’s Helix service assurance business , we enhanced the capabilities of Amdocs Intelligent Networking Suite, transforming it into an end-to-end business intent and AI-driven closed-loop network automation solution.

Network transformation & automation: Collaborating with STL Partners , we conducted extensive research on network transformation and automation, identifying four key pillars – data exploitation, cloudification and programmability, automation and exposure – serving as a framework for telcos to assess and enhance their network capabilities, and build their network vision and strategy.

Addressing future challenges

From industry trends to real-world applications, it’s clear our industry will continue to navigate complex, yet exciting new frontiers. Our collaboration with 5G Standalone service providers on network slicing-based services is more than just about innovation, it’s about enabling telcos to conquer these frontiers by transcending traditional connectivity, offering unparalleled benefits to consumers and enterprises alike.

Progress in areas like network automation and End-to-End Service Orchestration (E2ESO) is not just a technological advancement – it’s a crucial step towards future-ready services for both B2B and B2C customers. While we recognize that existing tools may not fully align with emerging trends, our efforts with solutions like E2ESO are designed to bridge this gap.

Finding the right partner will be crucial. However, we believe that telcos should not suffice with a partner that will only help them adapt. Rather, they should seek one who can truly redefine and transform the landscape of their entire service offering.

Learn more about how Amdocs enables telcos to deliver truly amazing network experiences:


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