DTW 2023: Celebrating Digital Transformation in Denmark

DTW 2023: Celebrating Digital Transformation in Denmark

This year’s industry leader summit in Copenhagen is about embracing the opportunity to reshape the future, and introducing the innovations that are going to take us there.

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Vardit Kuznik-Bitan, Head of Product and Solutions Marketing


11 Sep 2023

DTW 2023: Celebrating Digital Transformation in Denmark

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Moving the global communications ecosystem forward in 2023

One of the most exciting aspects for us this year is introducing our new Generative AI-powered Cloud Management Platform: a set of generative AI-powered solutions designed to hyper-automate service development and operations, and manage and streamline a service provider’s entire service development and operation lifecycle. 

This year, we’re part of 3 open innovation catalysts, all focusing on the promising domain of network exposure, as well as 2 moonshot catalysts addressing vital industry challenges about the Metaverse and Energy efficiency. Learn more about our Catalysts and how network exposure is playing a role in shaping a new digital future, in this article from our Head of 5G, Network & OSS Product Marketing, Ron Porter.

Making meaningful connections

In partnership with STL Partners, we are also participating in a CSP exclusive roundtable focusing on how operators can navigate four stages of network transformation to unlock new growth, on 20 September. STL will present findings on operator maturity across automation, cloudification, API exposure, and data exploitation, leveraging results from their recent research program surveying over 100 operator stakeholders globally.

"Tech for Good was established to address social and environmental challenges through digital inclusion."

Enacting change in the real world: Tech for Good

As part of our efforts to use our knowledge, creativity and technology not only in our products but also in our social projects, Tech for Good was established to address social and environmental challenges through digital inclusion. Targeting pressing social issues relevant to our sustainability strategy, we collaborate with CSPs, NGOs, academia, and more, to develop and implement new technological solutions that bring forth real impact and long-lasting change. One project in Peru, for example, sees us helping people with disabilities find work opportunities with the help of technology. Our innovative application promotes employability for people with disabilities, including identifying vacancies in companies that better fit individuals’ specific needs (e.g.: elevators, accessibility ramps, etc.).

And our five Catalysts at DTW 2023, rapid-fire proof-of-concept projects developed with TM Forum, are designed to solve industry challenges, and increase value for both customers and stakeholders:

DTW 2023; Digital Transformation

Moonshot Catalysts:  

Digital Carbon footprint optimization

CSPs have made significant progress in understanding and reducing their direct emissions in recent years, but now face the urgent task of reducing their indirect emissions too. So-called 'Scope 3' emissions are those indirectly generated by other suppliers in the overall value chain – and are estimated to account for approximately 85% of a CSP's typical carbon footprint. Understanding Scope 3 emissions gives CSPs an opportunity to provide their customers with precise information on the carbon footprint of each product.

Supercharge any activity in any metaverse

This Catalyst demonstrates how Communication Service Providers (CSPs) can evolve their roles to meet the changing needs of customers in the Web3 era and the metaverse. Our solution aims to provide relevant products and platforms like digital wallets, NFT creation, virtual customer agent, and a marketplace presence to create a seamless and integrated experience for both customers and employees. Our platform offers on-demand connectivity alongside activity-relevant NFTs, ensuring an enhanced and engaging experience for users.

Open Innovation Catalysts:

NICE - network insights for customer experience. With the champions AT&T, Telefonica and TIM Italy and other partners, we're demonstrating how collected metrics from the CSP network can be exposed to enterprises as clear insights to their application performance.

POC - private optimized connectivity. With the champions AT&T and TIM Italy and other partners, we're enabling the ordering of specific connectivity from a CSP's network through exposed APIs. This will enable the enterprise to acquire the specific connectivity it needs – in a digital, on-demand manner.

SHINE - simple hyperscaler integrated network experience. The goal here is to establish an industry standard of having CSP's networks exposed through APIs in hyperscaler marketplaces. With the champions, AT&T, Orange and Telefonica – alongside Microsoft and other partners, we're maximizing the collaboration between the Telco and Cloud industries - making network services and insights available in hyperscaler portals as native services.

These three catalysts deliver a holistic vision to network exposure. From exposing network performance, through ordering of dedicated connectivity, and all the way to having these features seamlessly exposed in hyperscalers portal, all in a transparent, digital native, real-time manner.

See you there!

Our team will be on-site to showcase our latest product innovations around 5G, cloud, network and more, as well as our contributions to this year's catalyst project. Connect with us at any of the following speaking sessions we’re holding throughout the event:
September 19

  • TRACK: Platform & Partners // 14:00 – 15:30
    SESSION: Monetizing platforms and marketplaces for growth
    AMDOCS SPEAKER: Raman Abrol
    CUSTOMER SPEAKER: Helmut Rogge-Wiltsche, IT Director, A1
  • Headliner: The Rise of AI: What it means for today and tomorrow// 16:00 – 17:30
    SESSION: The AI game changer
    AMDOCS SPEAKER: Gil Rosen , Opening+ Panel
    CUSTOMER SPEAKER: Rick Lievano, CTO, WW Telecommunications, Microsoft
    Jaime Tatis, Vice President – Data Strategy & Enablement, TELUS
    Chris Penrose, Global Head Business Development – Telco, NVIDIA
  • TRACK: Techco DNA// 14:00 – 15:30
    SESSION: Building blocks of the techco
    CUSTOMER SPEAKER: Hasan Jafri , VP of Cloud and Enterprise Architecture TELUS James Kirby, SVP, Global Telco and Head of EMEA, CSG
    Azhar Sayeed, Senior Director, TME Technology & Strategy, RedHat
    Osama Abu-Shihab, VP, Business Technology Services, Bell Canada
    Michael Lesniak, Senior Manager, Business Development and Partnerships, Global Business Group, SK Telecom
  • TRACK: Future Networks // 16:00 – 17:30
    SESSION: How to get to the autonomous network
    AMDOCS SPEAKER: Menny Konorty
    CUSTOMER SPEAKER: Katja Scheepers, Head of Network
    as a Service, Vodafone Ziggo
  • TRACK: Cloud Native Software // 16:00 – 17:30
    SESSION: Managing and scaling the cloud-native infrastructure
    AMDOCS SPEAKER: Shiri Yitzhaki-Kanchuck
    CUSTOMER SPEAKER: Gint Atkinson, VP Strategy and Architecture, SES

September 20

  • TRACK: AI-Driven customer experience // 08:30 – 11:00
    AMDOCS SPEAKER: Sarit Assaf, General Manager mdocs Technology
    SPEAKER: Silvia Candiani, VP Telecommunications, Microsoft

September 21

  • TRACK: Skills and Workforce in the Age of Innovation Block  // 09:00-10:30
    PANEL: How technology can be harnessed to deliver diversity
    AMDOCS SPEAKER: Idit Duvdevany Aronsohn, Head of Corporate Responsibility, Inclusion & Wellbeing ESG
    SPEAKER: Fatima Semnami, DiVX CIO, BT
    Malin Fransen-Kronberg, Director Service Assurance, Chief Quality Officer, Telia

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