Igor Ivensky – A leader who embraces life and work with passion and enthusiasm

Igor Ivensky – A leader who embraces life and work with passion and enthusiasm

In this installment of our series on "Passionate Leadership", we meet Igor Ivensky, General Manager of SI Services at Amdocs.

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Keya Sen, Internal Communications


11 May 2023

Igor Ivensky – A leader who embraces life and work with passion and enthusiasm

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Igor Ivensky is a leader known not only for winning deals but also for winning hearts.

Admired for his humble and participative style of leadership, Igor motivates his employees and fosters an environment where they feel empowered to make valuable contributions towards the company's achievements. Under his leadership, SI Services has grown to be one of the most profitable organizations across Amdocs.

Amdocs allows you to dream, dare and deliver

Starting his journey with Amdocs as a project manager 26 years ago and serving as the GM of SI Services today, Igor believes that if you have the right conviction and belief in yourself, Amdocs enables you to dream, dare and deliver.

Igor as a leader recognizes the importance of scalability and always believes in investing in the necessary structure and systems to achieve long-term success. He also understands that challenges are inevitable. Talking more about this he says, “I strongly believe that scalability is essential for any organization that seeks to grow, remain competitive, and achieve its strategic goals. However big or small an organization be, the right skeleton and the right set of guiding principles allow it to grow and grow right. Conversely, during challenging periods, this structure allows one to shrink down without major disruptions, enabling an organization to weather the 'dry season' and emerge stronger for the next cycle."

“Kickstarting my career in Amdocs as a project manager and then moving on to serve as a regional CBE for many years, I assumed the role of a GM in 2015 with the AT&T division. In 2017, I spearheaded a unit called TIS (Testing Information Services), with a handful of employees. We connected, collaborated, and grew further to transform TIS into a larger and more versatile unit, rebranding it as Amdocs Quality Engineering (AQE). We further expanded our offerings to include Data and Integration Services. AQE continued to thrive and together we evolved into SI Services, which now boasts an impressive employee strength of more than 5,000 globally and is recognized as one of the most impactful and high-performing organizations across Amdocs. Throughout this journey, we implemented numerous changes and improvements resulting in our current state. "

"Our organization operates differently, offering a unique opportunity for customers to realize their ambitions. We specialize in system integration services, where we understand our customers’ ecosystem and execute integration tasks.  We leverage our delivery capabilities through our exclusive business model that drives business expansion and success for both our customers and Amdocs. This makes our organization distinct and brings out the best in each other."

Creating impactful solutions for customers 

When asked how they are making it amazing for the customers, Igor says, “Our focus is on helping our clients realize their vision by enabling their needs. Through smart data analysis, we develop more effective ways to run their organizations. We also discover innovative solutions to speed up implementations and provide consulting services to help them better serve their clients."

"Our focus on quality in experience, processes, operations, and next-generation initiatives allows us to provide unparalleled service to our customers. We prioritize customer satisfaction and ensure seamless, efficient, and accurate service delivery through effective management and organization. Our focus on next-gen highlights our efforts to stay ahead of the curve in technology and innovation, ensuring we offer cutting-edge solutions to our customers. By delivering excellence in all aspects of the business we maintain our position as market leaders in the industry.”

Quoting a few examples, Igor adds, ”Recently we developed streaming migration which is an innovative and customer-centric approach that allows migration on a per-customer basis. Through this, we have minimized the impact of migration on all customers keeping downtime to a minimum. As a result of this latest innovative approach, the migration process can now be carried out seamlessly in the store during customers' visits, which was not possible before. "

"Although it is true that change may bring some discomfort initially but remember growth begins at the end of your comfort zone!”

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Igor Ivensky, General Manager, SI Services, Amdocs

"In another initiative, we have been able to deliver the ultimate sports viewing experience for our customers in Singapore through a partnership with a leading European company that provides a more immersive viewing experience than just watching sports. This innovative technology enhances the sports viewing experience for our customers by offering a wealth of additional information about their favorite players. While watching their favorite sports, customers can access real-time player stats, in-depth player biographies, and insightful commentary from coaches and sports commentators. This partnership is a testament to our commitment to delivering the best possible customer experience and we are confident that it will be a game-changer for sports fans in Singapore.”

Diverse talent, inclusive work environment: The winning formula of SI Services

The organization led by Igor has one of the highest numbers in diversity and leads the company in OHI scores. When asked what makes SI Services a unit employees love to work for, Igor smiles and says “Our greatest asset is people who accept change and respond to it positively. We are a global organization where we recognize the importance of respecting and celebrating diversity to foster a positive and inclusive work environment. At SI Services, we have a diverse workforce that represents different genders, geographies, and technological backgrounds. Despite the differences in the workforce, each of us works towards the common goal of constant and profitable growth. This common goal serves as a unifying force that brings together diverse people with different talents, experiences, and perspectives.” 

Passionate about change and reinvention

When asked what Igor is passionate about, he says “I am passionate about everything around me. But what I am passionately passionate about is change and the ability to reinvent oneself through it. The modern world has evolved tremendously over the past few years, and even more compared to the last two decades. Being able to navigate this change and exceed expectations gives us the power to shape ourselves as well as the industry in a meaningful way. At Amdocs, we have the privilege of contributing to this impact and being a catalyst in driving global economic growth. From creating opportunities for people worldwide as well as enabling them to communicate in innovative ways, we are enhancing communication options and touching countless lives. Although it is true that change may bring some discomfort initially but remember growth begins at the end of your comfort zone!”

Enthralled by the mysteries that surround the world, Igor continuously strives to cultivate and nourish his curiosity. He says " Curiosity is an essential trait for effective leadership that challenges the status quo and seeks to drive change. My insatiable curiosity drives me to find knowledge and understanding. On the other hand, complacency is the biggest obstacle to growth. By actively combatting complacency, we can propel ourselves forward and achieve meaningful progress."

The road to success is not always easy 

“Sometimes I am faced with the challenge of maintaining an equitable balance between the three major pillars i.e. creating the most profitable growth engine," says Igor, "delivering the best possible solutions to customers through optimized cost, and fostering a great place to work for employees to grow and develop. Walking this tightrope sometimes gets challenging as all these pillars are interdependent. A slack in one can affect the other. A slight fall in achieving business growth can result in a lack of opportunities for talent development while neglecting shareholder commitments can negatively impact both employees and customers. But as a team we continuously strive for change and improvement, and as a leader, it’s my role is to ensure that we maintain a healthy balance between these critical aspects. It is no small feat, but I embrace this challenge with determination and my commitment to Amdocs.”

My work doesn’t distract me from being alive

When asked what else keeps him busy apart from work, Igor observes, "I live life to the fullest and I am always busy pursuing new experiences and opportunities. I love to do things that push me to my limits. However, I understand the importance of maintaining a healthy balance between work and leisure, and I value and enjoy exploring all aspects of life."

"I am particularly passionate about leading an active lifestyle and always seek new adventures. From traveling to new places, skiing down mountain slopes, and scuba diving in exotic locations, to working out daily and kayaking on scenic waterways, I embrace any opportunity to get outside and stay active. For me, the pursuit of physical fitness and personal growth is an essential part of my life, and I am committed to maintaining a healthy balance between work and play.”

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