Turning advanced services into reality – Amdocs CEO at MWC22

Turning advanced services into reality – Amdocs CEO at MWC22

“Without our industry, there’ll be no Web 3.0, no metaverse... Our role is to enable amazing transformations and help turn them into reality,” said Amdocs CEO Shuky Sheffer on the keynote stage of MWC22 in Barcelona.


01 Mar 2022

Turning advanced services into reality – Amdocs CEO at MWC22

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In a fireside chat of Day Two at Mobile World Congress, Sheffer outlined Amdocs’ vision for the future, and how the company’s brand promise of “make it amazing” serves as north star for the company.

Sheffer stressed that for him, make it amazing means ensuring Amdocs employees enjoy a superior career experience, that Amdocs customers can provide their end users with amazing experiences thanks to Amdocs products and services, and that the company’s investors also benefit.

Shaping a post-pandemic future

Addressing global changes and their impact on the future of the industry, Sheffer said: “The pandemic has reset consumer and business expectations. Remote work and digitization are driving the adoption of advanced networks, enabling the new hybrid worker segment we’re calling the enterprise consumer to continue to keep the economy growing. 

“We’re seeing technology acceleration, business model disruption and human behavior transformation. Without our industry, there’ll be no Web 3.0, metaverse, connected industries, IoT. Our role is to enable our customers to implement the most advanced and amazing services for their enterprise and consumer customers and turn them into reality.”

“We empower our customers’ digital transformation, accelerate migration to cloud, help them lead software-driven network era & capture end-to-end 5G opportunities, go beyond connectivity, and monetize the future.”

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Shuky Sheffer

President and CEO, Amdocs

Monetizing 5G

Discussing 5G, Sheffer said: “We provide the connection between our customers’ imagination and the ability to enable and monetize it in the 5G era." The Amdocs CEO, in conversation with GSMA CMO Stephanie Lynch-Habib stressed the importance of flexibility in thinking about monetization in the 5G era, and all the different use cases that will need to be catered for. He also noted the importance of partnerships, and the importance of open platforms in this new 5G era.

Promoting diversity and digital inclusion

In conclusion, Sheffer highlighted Amdocs’ company purpose -- to enrich lives and progress society with creativity and technology for a better-connected world – as a key motivating principle behind Amdocs’ daily activities, calling out the company’s activities with its customers around the world to promote digital inclusion, as well as the emphasis Amdocs places on promoting diversity throughout the company.

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