The future of devices – delivering the wow factor, featuring Mark Notton

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Matt Roberts, Amdocs

S2 E4

16 Feb 2021


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These are technologically really amazing things – it’s these little nuggets of consumer-led features that our engineers are using to overcome issues.

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Mark Notton

Senior Director, Samsung Electronics

Feb 16, 2021
The Future of Devices: Delivering the Wow Factor, featuring Mark Notton

On this episode of The Great Indoors, Matt is joined by Mark Notton of Samsung Electronics. Mark is leader of Samsung’s mobile and commercial product operations in Europe and has appeared on stages across the world to introduce new devices, demo new technology and bring innovative advances to light.

Mark and Matt discuss the innovation Samsung has brought to the market throughout the pandemic; the benefits of things like Samsung Health in prioritizing our health at home; how artificial intelligence and 5G are driving innovation in the space; and generally, how Samsung and other tech companies have adapted their products and features to meet the changing needs of consumers at home.

Forbes article: How Samsung is meeting the need for real-time mobile experiences

Introducing the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra:


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