What is digital authoritarianism?

Social scientist Andrea Little Limbago joins Matt to discuss the causes and impact of recent supply chain disruptions and how we might overcome these issues in the future.

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Matt Roberts, Amdocs

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03 May 2022


What is digital authoritarianism?

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"What I put forth in collective resilience was building upon all the different research and work from DHS and CISA, for instance, but really focusing on this notion, on how dependent all the societies are that you are only going to be able to combat the cyberattacks, the disinformation, the automation that's enabling all this kind of malicious activity through a whole of society approach. And so it's going to take the government in collaboration with the private sector, in collaboration with individuals and society itself to come together and have a strength and unity."

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Andrea Little Limbago Speaker

Senior Vice President, Research and Analysis at Interos Inc

May 3, 2022
What is digital authoritarianism?

On this episode of the Great Indoors, Matt sits down with Andrea Little Limbago, a computational social scientist who specializes in the intersection of technology, national security and society. Andrea spent time doing computational modeling for the U.S. Department of Defense before working in cyber security at various startups for about a decade. Her experience has culminated in her current role as the Vice President of Research and Analysis at Interos, where she leads the team that models the range of supply chain risks. Andrea has also earned a Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

During the episode, she explains why the supply chain has seen so much disruption in recent years, why this is such a major problem for people around the world, and how we might overcome these issues in the future. Andrea also provides an overview of the term digital authoritarianism, what it means, and its implications for our society.

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