Amdocs Quality Engineering

A future-ready quality assurance service solution that integrates testing into every step of the development process for faster time to market and enhanced overall quality. With our seasoned quality engineering experts, DevOps and agile capabilities, E2E processes, and powerful 36ONE platform, operators can benefit from AI-driven automation and smart analytics to deliver continuous, intelligent testing.

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End-to-end quality engineering through a comprehensive DevSecOps approach

Drive faster time to market with higher quality.

Quality of processes: Modernize your quality organization, from ideation through execution, with consulting capabilities, upskilling & training.

Quality of experience: Ensure a seamless user experience across every customer touchpoint, including mobile, web, video & retail channels.

Quality of next-gen tech: Unlock revenue-generating opportunities with AI & ML based prediction models, performance testing, & network testing.

Quality of operations: Increase productivity & optimize costs through AI-driven automation throughout the DevOps cycle.

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  • Faster time to market

    Reduce TTM by 50% with our training, tools, and E2E governance solutions, which enable you to integrate quality engineering into the DevOps development cycle.

  • Enhanced quality for better customer experience

    Achieve up to 99% defect removal efficiency and 50% improvement in test coverage to ensure that your end customer receives exceptional service.

  • TCO Reduction

    Reduce TCO by up to 30% by combining our E2E processes with our award-winning automation technology.

  • Maximize your cloud investment

    Ensure a seamless migration to the cloud with automated functionality, scalability, resiliency, security, and data integrity testing.

  • Optimized transition to NFV

    Achieve up to 40% reduction in network testing infrastructure costs with our flexible “pay as you go” testing approach to setting up and scaling test environments and labs.


Brochure: AQE solution overview
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Role of AI in quality engineering
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NelsonHall NEAT evaluation for Amdocs
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