Prioritize business goals, not technology

Starting a new MVNO comes with its own set of challenges. Crafting the perfect business operation tech stack shouldn't be one of them. With rapid onboarding, ready-to-use partner integration, open API, and pre-built customer journey, getting your MVNO to market has never been easier. Let Amdocs ConnectX streamline the process for you.

Designed specifically for MVNOs, our solution empowers you to tap into real-time insights, optimize operations, and streamline processes. Beyond mere management tools, we help you create standout brands, elevate user experiences, and drive business growth. So, instead of wrestling with technicalities, you can focus on what truly matters: delivering unparalleled value and ensuring a vibrant customer experience.

Faster time-to-value


months to launch a new telco


people or fewer to run a full MVNO/MVNE


up to 70% better Net Promoter Score (NPS)


minutes or less to acquire new customers

Calvin Collett, Melon Digital founder & CEO, chats with Scott Bicheno about the launch of Melon and its partnership with Amdocs


  • Grow your business, reach new segments

    Target new market segments with tailored personalized product offerings and pricing structures, without the heavy investment traditionally associated with such growth.

  • Become more competitive

    Out technology enables a SaaS business model fit for your needs – minimal setup fee and a “pay per subscriber” model that helps you become much more competitive.

  • Quick time to market

    While the average time for a traditional digital transformation is 2-5 years, with Amdocs Digital Brands Suite you can launch a new digital B-brand in less than three months and quickly attract digital savvy customers.

  • Focus on your business instead of IT

    Amdocs Digital Brands Suite includes pre-built customer journeys covering the full customer lifecycle out-of-the-box, and comprehensive self-service capabilities for your business people to manage products and offerings, customers and financials.

  • Love the Earth we live in

    Cloud-native BSS as a Service: MVNOs that adopt Amdocs Digital Brands Suite can reduce their carbon emissions by up to 90% (compared to traditional software deployment).

  • Open ecosystem built for expansion

    Amdocs Digital Brands Suite is based on serverless architecture built with TM Forum Open APIs to enable fast integrations with 3rd parties. All of our APIs are open to customers who can build proprietary functionality without having to customize our platform.

Key features for telco, cable, MVNO/A and MVNE

  • Digital care & commerce

    Deliver digital-first, omni-channel experiences for high customer satisfaction

  • Monetization

    Enable accurate, real-time rating and charging

  • Ordering & fulfillment

    Pre-built customer journeys for lightning quick deployment

  • Product catalog management

    No-code business catalog lets you manage your business without technology headaches

  • Real-time analytics and reporting for actionable insights

    Personalized and AI driven for improved customer satisfaction

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    Digital care & commerce
    • White label mobile app, web care, assisted care
    • Digital first experience for high customer satisfaction
    • Omnichannel experience - seamless customer experience across all channels including web, mobile, and social media
    • Customizable branding and white-labeling options for greater brand control and differentiation
    • Automated customer service workflows, including chatbots and self-service portals, to enhance customer experience and reduce costs
    • Loyalty & campaigns (add-on)
    • Real-time rating and charging capabilities for accurate billing and invoicing
    • Realtime billing capabilities to optimize revenue streams
    • Flexible billing and charging options, including prepaid, subscription and postpaid
    • Real-time inventory management for SIM cards and devices
    • 5G-ready real-time charging (OCS) and policy (PCRF) (add-ons)
    Ordering & fulfillment
    • Pre-built customer journeys for quick onboarding - End to end total digital experience out of the box
    • Automated processes
    Product catalog management
    • No-code business catalog
    • Launch new commercial offers in minutes, capability based on TMF model
    • Quick and easy to configure and bundled any service
    • Personalized offerings like “build your own plan”, “try before you buy”
    • Open and agnostic data model that supports a wide range of data types and formats
    • Continuous innovation and product updates to stay ahead of the competition and address changing market demands.
    Real-time analytics and reporting for actionable insights
    • Real-time analytics and reporting
    • Personalization and AI-driven insights to drive customer engagement and retention
    • Event-driven architecture: Implement real-time data streaming

    Customized branding and white label options for greater brand control

    Specifically designed to drive customer satisfaction, our mobile app comes equipped with easy branding and support for selling/up-selling any product, service or bundle.

    New customer acquisition takes only 5 clicks! By utilizing standard TM Forum Open APIs, all offers, subscriptions and account information are updated in real time.


    Download these brochures to learn more about our products.

    Digital Brands & eSIM: A match made in heaven
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    Launching an MVNO made easy
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    Meet our experts to learn how
    Amdocs Digital Brands can drive growth for your business

    Book a free trial

    Meet our experts to learn how
    Amdocs Digital Brands can drive growth for your business


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    Your future looks breath-taking from here.


    Simplify the complex, deliver the brilliant.


    Fill your customers’ day with content they love.


    Reinvent the customer experience. Every day.


    Make today’s impossible tomorrow’s possible.



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