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Create and launch customer experiences & journeys in real-time

Experience360 low/no code platform serves any customer engagement channel, with ready-to-use UI elements, drag & drop capabilities for designing views and journeys, business logic configurator and dynamic APIs.

It enables a business-led, configuration-driven omni-channel experience creation, accelerating time to market for introducing new flows and functionality while reducing operational costs and IT dependency.

As a telco-specific platform, it supports business-critical applications and provides the full depth of communications & media industry business processes across commerce and care for both B2C and B2B.

Create and launch customer experiences & journeys in real-time


  • Empower business users to launch new experiences

    Enable business users to design, control and launch new experiences on their own with no technical skills needed.

  • Faster time to market for launching experiences and journeys

    Rapidly innovate and launch new journeys and experiences using low/no code: reusable UI elements, drag & drop capabilities, business logic configurator and dynamic APIs.

  • The latest data practice and expertise

    New and existing solutions can be monitored and analyzed through the cloud to give your business access to more advanced performance and financial data streams.

  • Reduced cost of development & operations and minimal IT dependency

    With intuitive and easy-to-use interface designed for business users, new experiences and journeys are rapidly created, without the need for development or IT involvement.

  • Industry-specific practices

    Based on Amdocs’ vast industry expertise, with built-in ready-to-use telco-grade practices.

  • Vendor-agnostic

    Open & modular, utilizing open and standardized technologies to fit any system and avoid vendor lock-in.


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