Network Planning & Design

Solutions and service to support the early decision-making phase of network deployment, ensuring high performance and reliable networks that are designed to meet today’s stringent service delivery needs.

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Prioritizes investments and design based on network and customer experiences

Amdocs ensures service providers make the right network planning and investment decisions by taking an optimization-first approach that analyses various sites and differentiates between those that require optimization actions (such as traffic balancing etc.) and those where capacity infill sites are required – while at the same time, forecasting traffic trends for the future.

Amdocs designs services include multi-RAT planning with 5G NR and 4G; low-, mid- and high-band design and propagation; model tuning; and traffic modeling. Amdocs supports a comprehensive process that includes initial project preparation, model tuning, design and site planning, capacity planning along with RF data fills and plumbing diagrams.

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  • Maximized investment impact

    Optimization first approach before investing in new network infrastructure.

  • Data-driven smart capacity planning

    Automated forecasting linking traffic/capacity with revenue/ROI, and network planning that links engineering, finance and marketing in a single view.

  • End-to-end network planning

    Integrated and cross-domain approach that covers transport, last mile access, backhaul and core elements.

  • Unified network design

    Covers all aspects of design for fiber, 5G standalone (SA) and non-standalone (NSA) deployments, including traffic modelling and simulations.


Datasheet: 5G Network Design Matters
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