Amdocs Services can help drive a successful cloud migration, and remove much of the risk from across the process.

Migrating your applications to the cloud can be a scary proposition.  What if you break something that has been working?  How can you avoid operational disruptions?

With Amdocs Services, we help ensure a safe, seamless cloud migration.

Worried about functionality of the migrated applications?  We’ve go you covered with AI- driven test automation to fully test your code?

Not sure if the new cloud environment will give you the performance you need, or provide adequate security?

Our performance engineering will verify that your end customers will get the best possible performance, regardless of the load on the system.  And our leading security testing solution will help ensure the safety of your new environment

And we look beyond the application and help ensure that your application data is migrated seamlessly as  well, providing a streaming data migration with real time data validation, ensuring a safe, seamless migration with zero impacts on operations.


  • Seamless data migration with zero operational downtime

    Customer data is migrated seamlessly, enanbling you to avoid operational issues during the migration.

  • Enhanced system quality

    Ensure highest levels of application & cloud quality with AI-driven quality engineering covering resilience, security, performance & more,

  • Data accuracy

    Ensure data accuracy with real time data validation & reconciliation while migrating data to a cloud environment.


make it

Your future looks
breath-taking from here


Embrace the cloud and together we’ll see your business agility, innovation and scalability soar to new heights.

Simplify the complex,
deliver the brilliant


Discover the streamlined, cost-efficient and intelligent answer to increasingly complex customer, IT and network demands.

Fill your customers’ day
with content they love


Build an irresistible content proposition and experience that keeps your customers coming back for more.

Reinvent the customer
experience. Every day.


Discover the agility to deliver a jaw-dropping digital experience that always exceeds expectations.

Make today’s impossible
tomorrow’s possible


Unlock the full potential of 5G and shape the network to create new capabilities, unique business models and game-changing opportunities.


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Discover how Amdocs can help your business.


Your future looks breath-taking from here.


Simplify the complex, deliver the brilliant.


Fill your customers’ day with content they love.


Reinvent the customer experience. Every day.


Make today’s impossible tomorrow’s possible.



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