Expand into new domains with innovative and disruptive offerings

Amdocs Data Intelligence Offerings

Become a data intelligent service provider by centralizing AI capabilities

Amdocs eSIM Cloud and IoT Solutions

Overcome challenges and lead the IoT and eSIM revolutions

Amdocs Mobile Financial Services Solutions

Monetize mobile with our proven track record of over 16 billion annual transactions worldwide

Amdocs Cybersecurity Solutions

Effectively protect your data and applications, and stay ahead of cyber threats

doxi™ Home OS & doxi™ Router

AI-powered, cloud-native home operating system, revolutionizing the home broadband experience​

As traditional revenue streams slow, expanding into new domains with innovative offerings will be critical for continued growth.


With new and emerging technologies, there will be many opportunities for the taking. McKinsey estimates AI alone has the potential to deliver global economic activity of around $13 trillion by 2030. By 2023, the worldwide number of IoT-connected devices is predicted to increase to 43 billion. Mobile payments will reach 28% of all types of payments by 2022, outpacing credit cards and cash.

Being able to better leverage intelligence and quickly create new offerings around new technologies will help you stay ahead of the curve.


This is where amdocs:next can help. We maximize the value of data to ensure that it is monetized effectively while ensuring that you can easily keep up with an ever-evolving connected world. All this by leveraging cutting-edge technologies to prepare you for what’s next.

Embrace eSIM the right way

Vivo CIO, Andre Kriger discusses the benefits of Amdocs’ eSIM Cloud solution

Customer Success
Customer Success
Andre Kriger, Vivo CIO, on the benefits of Amdocs eSIM Cloud
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