Digital Banking

Support real-time agent banking with a financial-grade platform that provides built-in checks and high security, and is easily configurable and scalable to meet your needs

Shaping the Digital Banking Customer Experience

To restore trust and maximize revenues, banks need to provide seamless omni-channel, digital-based banking services to their customers – spanning the web, retail branches, call centers, POS and ATM touch points.



Surpass your competition with the right technology
Increase efficiencies, reduce costs and remain relevant and competitive in a rapidly changing market by integrating with a flexible and agile platform that can quickly complement and enhance your existing core banking capabilities.
Break the reach barrier with agent banking
Representing more than 90% of the cash-in and cash-out footprint, agents are the physical backbone and catalyzers of mobile money. Provide customers with access to financial services anywhere, anytime with a solution that enables you to efficiently and effectively manage and monetize this important channel. Read more on Amdocs MFS agent banking solution »
Monetize new and dormant consumer segments 
Digital banking gives you the power to activate dormant customers, as well as new segments such as digital natives and other millennials with widespread mobile phone-based banking services, additional channels and card based loyalty programs. Read more in this slideshare "Staying smart and relevant in banking" »



Demo: Agent Banking (cash-out)

Watch how Abhay uses his mobile wallet to cash out at an agent store

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