Digital Commerce and Payments

As banks and service providers look to grow their consumer and merchant wallet share, digital commerce and payments are becoming the next growth frontier.

Amdocs Mobile Financial Services offers a robust, scalable solution with a variety of consumer and business commerce services.

Seamless Digital Commerce Solutions

Drive complete and integrated digital commerce over mobile devices, including support for single wallet, bill payments, payment processing, loyalty and card management programs as well as direct carrier billing.



Attract new customers with a single wallet platform
Provide your customers with more than just another way to pay. A robust single wallet enables users to manage and control finances through a convergent platform. Now they can virtually store and use financial assets including G2P, B2P, welfare, salary, cards and micro banking like loans and insurance.
Deliver platinum-grade security and compliance to customers
Provide your customers with a secure solution that is fully compliant with local regulations and includes industry-grade security standards for all implementations and deployments. Service providers can give their customers the utmost protection across the MFS services offered.
Build to scale
Drive revenue growth while keeping costs to a minimum. Rapidly introduce new products and services with robust technology that delivers agility and flexibility to manage, modify and optimize operations as your business grows.
Pre-integrated end-to-end payment and commerce solution
From back-end payment processing to a front-end digital wallet, we offer the solutions MFS and payment service providers need in order launch and scale business.



Demo: International Airtime Transfer

Watch how Abhay uses his mobile wallet to transfer airtime to his sister in real-time utilizing his mobile wallet account