Meeting your crucial business needs with on open and dynamic portfolio

Digital Experience & Monetization

How can you deliver value to the user, drive loyalty and generate sales in the digital economy?

Media & Digital Services

In a saturated communications world, how quickly can you innovate?

Enterprise & Connected Society

Accelerate your enterprise business with digital engagement and service innovation

Open Cloud Networks & NGOSS

5G. NFV. Cloud. Automation. AI. Bring the open, intelligent network era to life.

Services & Hybrid Operations

Is technology alone enough to drive operational excellence?

Technology and Practices-Driven Innovation

Open, modern technology is at the heart of everything we do.

Our latest set of cloud-native, modular and open offerings and services allow you to modernize, automate and digitize your business.

Leading communications and media companies are constantly innovating and adapting. As you look to quickly transform your business, increase revenue and lower operating costs, we can help.

With amdocsONE, we help you embark on an accelerated journey to:

  • Deliver a digital-first user experience and grow consumer revenue
  • Grow your media and entertainment business
  • Provide superior, automated enterprise services
  • Transform to open cloud networks and realize 5G
  • Modernize, automate and operate your digital business
  • Enter new domains and disrupt the industry to enhance loyalty and brand value

The business-value driven amdocsONE portfolio leverages cloud-native microservice technologies for high-velocity time to market. We deliver in fast DevOps sprints, with full accountability, to control costs, bring optimal scope and drive agility. Our services help you reskill and retool your organization, reduce TCO and improve efficiency, and consolidate and transform legacy operations. We continuously update the portfolio and recently released the amdocsONE summer edition.

amdocsONE: changing the pace and economics of our industry.

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Amdocs CES20, a part of amdocsONE, is the first cloud-native, 5G-ready, pre-integrated yet modular BSS-OSS suite available on the market.
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