Amdocs Optima

It'a all about speed and flexibility

A digital customer management and commerce platform designed to rapidly and securely monetize any product or service. Serving innovative communications challengers, cable/PayTV, MVNX and utility companies — both B2C and B2B — Amdocs Optima’s open platform can be deployed on premise or in the cloud to support the entire business lifecycle.

Amdocs Optima powers profitable growth.

  • Choice: Open platform, rich partner eco-system
  • Cost: Cloud delivery, new infrastructure and multi-tenancy
  • Control: enabling maximum operability


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Communications Challengers

Profitably succeed and thrive in today’s digital era by delivering and monetizing new products and solutions quickly and easily

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Cable & PayTV

With the changing face of content consumption, cable & PayTV operators must enable new capabilities and engagement models. See how to distinguish your business from the competition

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Built as a powerful cloud-based, multi-tenant, converged BSS platform, Amdocs Optima is uniquely tailored for carrier wholesale Mobile Virtual Network Enablers (MVNEs) and Operators (MVNOs)

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In utility markets that are often complex, deregulated and where competition is increasing by the day, Amdocs Optima offers a customer experience beyond anything else available today

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Amdocs Optima, Purely Digital

Amdocs Optima is a smart digital commerce and customer management platform

The Amdocs Optima Advantage
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