Cut the complexity of enterprise engagements and see an 85% improvement in your lead-to-order processes.
Digital B2B sales & care

See an 85% improvement in lead-to-order process for complex business services

Zero-touch ordering and fulfillment

Future-proof approach to hybrid fulfillment eliminates 60% of manual handling

Virtualized enterprise connectivity

Accelerated service delivery and innovation lead to increased annual savings

Business growth beyond connectivity

Ensure your fair share of the $1 trillion ICT market opportunity

Analysys Mason notes that service providers with the most advanced ICT portfolios are the ones experiencing the greatest enterprise revenue growth.

However, the complexity of enterprise offerings as compared to consumer offerings is leading to broken promises due to:

  • Mishandling the enterprise journey end-to-end, leading to siloed operations and a disjointed experience
  • Poor distribution between human touch and cost-saving automation
  • Improperly balancing traditional and new, differentiated enterprise offerings
  • Not leveraging NFV and DevOps to meet expectations for faster, more flexible offerings

Over the next decade, we’ll continue to see a significant transformation as the personal workspace becomes a post-PC environment. Safely and securely addressing the needs of the enterprise will separate the leaders from the followers in our future digital society.

With our deep communications and media industry experience, and highly selective ICT / NFV ecosystem of over 100 partners, we’re well placed to help you tap into this market opportunity.

The evolution of the enterprise

The complexities of the enterprise can be difficult. Finding a solution tailored to the needs of your customers is key.

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