Enterprise & Connected Society

Inject intelligent automation into every facet of your business to sell smarter, deliver faster and drive growth

Break free from the constraints of time-consuming, manual-intensive labor and expensive processes by injecting intelligent automation into every facet of your business. Amdocs Enterprise Accelerator enables you to successfully grow your enterprise (B2B) business with value-added services through automated solutions for accurate selling and faster service delivery.


Increase revenues beyond connectivity and overcome the challenges of servicing the high-potential enterprise market. Amdocs Enterprise Accelerator allows you to seamlessly:

  • Configure, price and quote offerings
  • Automate order fulfillment
  • Empower enterprises to consume and manage next-generation network services via a digital self-care and self-scale experience
Sell smarter

Enable accurate processes and profitable deals with holistic customer and contract management

Deliver faster

Drive end-to-end visibility and control through automated order fulfillment and service assurance

Grow beyond connectivity

Adopt compelling business accelerators beyond core connectivity business

Amdocs Enterprise Accelerator

Welcome to the new world of the enterprise and the connected society

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Untangle Enterprise Sales Complexity with an Agile Lead-to-Cash Automation

Increase sales win-rate and profitability, reduce order fall-out and cancelations

The enabler: Amdocs Enterprise Accelerator

Amdocs Enterprise Accelerator enables you to deliver a superior, automated enterprise service to sell smarter, deliver faster and grow beyond connectivity

The 5G Enterprise Opportunity

5G promises a world of unprecedented speed and agility, powering exciting and innovative digital experiences. For service providers, it also promises new and lucrative revenue streams for the enterprise business.