Mastering the Digital Hybrid IT Operations

Engineering-driven operations that accelerate your digital journey by masking hybrid IT complexity through AI, automation & SRE methodologies

As communication & media service providers strive to become more digital, they’re forced to manage their IT in hybrid mode because not everything can be modernized at once and some legacy will remain for the foreseeable future.


Amdocs SmartOps helps accelerate the digital journey while improving the efficiency of the existing IT, and masking the hybrid complexity using AI, automation and SRE methodologies

How to maintain service reliability on a massive scale? The answer is SRE!

Amdocs SmartOps has implemented a new breed of Site Reliability Engineering that is designed specifically for the Communications and Media industries with an engineering approach to operations, a safe "blame-free" environment and an automation development platform to support the industry's large scale.

Amdocs Global SmartOps

What does the future hold for your operations?

Amdocs SmartOps fully automates your end to end business and operational processes for both planed and faults scenarios, all in a cloud native environment.

Driven by the power of artificial intelligence your systems can now predict issues before they accrue pre-empting them with the optimal resolution all with full automation and zero touch.

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case study
Business as usual in unusual times with Amdocs Global SmartOps

Remote go-live of full BSS migration to cloud with zero influence on business, automated solution for service activation developed within two days enabling customer’s ability to achieve quarterly goals
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Site Reliability Engineering for CSPs: operational excellence in a hybrid world

How adapting Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) to the needs of communication and media service providers is driving a new era of innovation and operational excellence

VodafoneZiggo relies on SmartOps to deliver a seamless customer experience

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AI Driven Operations

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